I Can Help YOU


After working with hundreds of creatives there are a few things that have become crystal clear to me.

1. Many Creatives lack the CLARITY to know what to focus on for MAXIMUM RESULTS!

2. Talent doesn’t correlate to CONFIDENCE.

3. Many Creatives feel so alone…lacking the CONNECTION they need to succeed.

4. Most often Creatives overlook simplicity & seem to complicate things which leads to overwhelm.

After testing out lots of different ways to help creatives with these difficulties what I found is that what people need is LESS INFORMATION and MORE TRANSFORMATION! Like a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly!  You have everything inside of you that YOU need to achieve AMAZING things in LIFE. You don’t need to learn how become a better (BLANK) you don’t need to buy more gizmos and gadgets, you just NEED to unlock that hidden potential inside of YOU! That’s what I’m here to do and I’m damn good at!

Below are some of the OUTSTANDING people I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with!celebmontage photo2new

How I can help YOU

My role is not to be a rah rah rah coach and get you pumped up. My goal is to make sure that you not only get inspired/motivated to take M.I.A. (Massive Imperfect Action) but that you get RESULTS. If you are coming to me you are sick of being where you are and you are ready for change! I’ve been around the block a few times so below are the MAIN areas I can be of assistance! Outside of these areas I would have to send you to someone else because I don’t want to waste your time. But I have committed to EXCELLENCE in these areas.

Areas of Expertise: 

1. Mindset/Motivation – This is the FOUNDATION! If you feel STUCK, it doesn’t matter what else you know because you won’t be getting results!

2. Simplifying – I BELIEVE in finding the quickest most efficient way to get a RESULT and still deliver EXCELLENT QUALITY! I LIVE by  the 80/20 principle in everything I DO!

3. Connecting/Relationship Building – I have a knack for Reaching the Unreachable such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and so many others and I will give you strategies to connect with the unreachable!


4. Marketing – Taking your great idea/gift/talent and making money with it. Without out the ability to get yourself out there you are just a starving artist!

5. Video Production (how I made my living for over 10 years) – I’ve done just about everything in Video Production – from shooting weddings all over the world specializing in the Same Day Edit, dance recitals, tape transfers to DVD, freelance shooting (getting over $1000 per day), to shooting high- end promos for upwards of $30,000 (my production company- gebbstv.com).

How We Can Work Together

When we work together I care about one thing and one thing ONLY and that’s RESULTS. Not the kind of RESULTS that take months or years but RESULTS FAST. If you are sick and tired of being dragged through the mud…feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, and not gaining any momentum then you’ve come to right place! I ONLY work with people who are committed and play ALL in because they are the ones who GET RESULTS!! I call myself a JUMPstarter for LIFE because just like when a car’s battery is dead & needs a JUMPSTART so do people 🙂

Below is THE SINGLE BEST WAY to work with me to GET the RESULTS I talk about above.

 jumpstarters experience

The Jumpstarters Experience a proven method for Delivering Transformation in the LIVES of Individuals with a blend of online and a real LIFE in person EXPERIENCE  to deliver MAXIUM RESULTS in the shortest amount of time!  You are reading this for a REASON so if you are READY to Transform your LIFE CLICK HERE ______________________________________________________________

Some of the Experiences People Are Having Working with Me:


 Testimonials from people who are part of Jumpstarters  (Learn More)

“Being a part of the jump starter has really improved my business by allowing me to figure out what parts of my business I’m passionate about and what to focus my efforts on. It’s given me a better sense of discipline as well as clarity as to what in my life I’m dedicating time to that either takes away from important time or from paid work time. I cannot speak highly enough about this program.” – Ed Seiders

“Being part of jumpstarter has helped me stay focused and motivated. It’s also great to be part of a group of like-minded people.” – Golnaz Gh

“Being a part of the Jumpstarter Group has solidified for me that I just need to DO!! Its so meaningful to be a part of a group of ppl who share the same struggles and yet overcome them. It has also helped elevate the quality of my work and the way i THINK about work. Working hard isn’t the same as working smart. So grateful to know and learn from everyone here!” – Rachelle Perkins

“Being part of the Jumpstarter has helped me believe in my own ability to start a successful business. The weekly calls keep me motivated and I am now on the path of finding true clarity. Seeing others in the community succeed inspires me to go for my dreams.” – Eeva Nikunen

“Being apart of the jump starter group has helped me to sustain a very positive attitude in a lot circumstances that I have encountered. There a lot of words of encouragement in this group and words are powerful.” – Tom Foggin

“Being apart of the jump starter group has helped me to be unafraid to fail.” – Jamar Harden

“Being part of the Jumpstarter has shown me that there are so many other dreamers out there with the same struggles, fears and weaknesses as me (but who also have the same passion and determination I do!). It’s been great seeing this little community grow!” – Krista Brown

“Being a part of jumpstarter has a huge impact on my everyday gray life. This group motivates me to not waste my time and to used every moment to develop myself and my skills. It gives me the strength to motivate others and now I see that if you give it to someone, he returns it to you. My life seems to be more organized. This group encourages me to take a risk and catch the clouds of my dreams, by daily putting small steps towards my goals.” – Adam Olkowski

“Being a part of the Jumpstarter has helped me build my network with inspiring people who want to see me succeed as much as I want to see them succeed.” – Matt Peet

“Being part of the Jumpstarter group has just literally “Jump Started” me in so many ways, from being more healthy, to getting rid of the people I don’t need in life, to connecting me with awesome people in this group. Gebbs is a inspiration to me and being apart of this group has almost provided me with a new chapter in my life. You get way more then what you pay for and wish there was a group like this when I got out of college. He helps put you on the right track.” – Nate Lee