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Alright everybody! Everybody, I’m super excited to be with you guys today. Michael Gebben here and we’re gonna have a rockin’ day today ‘coz this one is about this right here. No, not fully. I got a new haircut and I’m super excited about it. Here’s the thing that’s interesting. I wanna just do an off the wall video today for you guys. This one’s about treating yourself – treating yourself to just something fun, something new, something whatever (whatever that can be). For me, I actually got a haircut. I got brand new haircut. In fact, it got a little shorter than I normally get it here on the sides. I’m really, really happy with it. I know some of you got haircuts and it brings pang ‘coz they didn’t do a good job. For me, sometimes I like to try new things. They call it a two. I’m like, “Do you got something between a one and two?” She’s like, “Kinda 1.5.” So my hair’s a little long but not that long. She cuts right down here and I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” It looked really, really short. It’s probably the shortest I’ve had in like 10 or 15 years. It’s just interesting though but I went and did it. It got done and I just feel great about it.

It’s one of those things when we forget how simple things are that can make us happy. For me, that hair cut, it makes me feel good. It wasn’t that bad. My hair wasn’t that long opr that shaggy but it’s one thing that I challenge you to just even a haircut now today. Is that something that maybe you’ve been putting off. You got get that haircut. You clean yourself up a little bit. You can treat yourself. Maybe you’re a woman, maybe you’re a man, you can go out. Get a massage. Go somewhere. Spend that 40 bucks. Get a massage. Feel good. Get your nails done or whatever. There are different things that you can do but just take that time this coming weekend. Tonight if you want, whenever you’re watching this but just treat yourself. Treat yourself to something. Maybe it’s a nice dinner, maybe you haven’t gone out to the movies in a while. Whatever it is for you, just do that thing that just makes you feel good.

This is a simple, simple, simple video today. I don’t have any major stories or anything crazy. This would probably still gonna be five minutes long but the biggest thing is I got this haircut and I just felt great about it. It makes me feel I’m a person. Sometimes, maybe that haircut, maybe whatever it is you shed something to, that you shed something. You shed part of your old self that you’re trying to let go of. Maybe that haircut symbolizes something for you. That can be the thing too. Haircut, whatever it is, that working out… for me, it’s feeling good. For me it’s feeling good and working out, going for a walk, eating healthy. These things are symbols for me to have that vibrant life, to have that energy that I’m able to deliver to you guys. If I was overweight, eating a bunch of junk all the time, never walked, never worked out, let my hair grow and all these things, I’d feel like crap. Naturally, I’d look like this. It’s hard to be happy when I’m like this. But when I bring that and I raise up my shoulders and I smile and I talk, but I’m not that all the time. When I bring that energy and I have all these elements, they are symbols for me to feel good and for me to be happy.

I want that for you guys. I want you guys to be able to do that stuff that can symbolize this new rebirth of you and who you are and maybe who you’re wanting to become. To some of you, I’m hoping you’re who you want to be right now. We always have room for improvement, each and every one of us. Even though I wanna improve, I wanna get better, it doesn’t mean you’re not happy with who you are today. That’s the thing that’s very important. Some of you may be struggling. Some of you are like, “Man, I’m holding on to this. I’m holding on to that. I got this weight.” You hate that weight where you feel tensed. You can do those things. Just shed. Shed that old stuff. Shed that crap. Just make a new YOU. Treat yourself to something awesome. Whatever it is, throw in some different things but ultimately, whatever that is, just treat yourself. Treat yourself good. Treat yourself with respect. That sounds cliché or cheesy maybe even too but it’s true.

How you treat yourself inside and out, what you listen to, what you eat, what you watch, all the things you do, they all affect you inside and out with who you are and how you portray yourself to the world. When you get that little haircut that you feel good about, you do those little things, you work out, you have that walk, when you can stand a little taller a little more confidently, people see something a little different. The things that can happen for you in your life when you come from that place of confidence and belief in yourself and you feel good, great things can happen for you. All the things I talk about in these videos that anything is possible, it’s very difficult for anything to be possible when you don’t believe, when you’re not confident and you don’t feel good about yourself.

Just go out there again. I’m pumping it on hard core today but just go out there and do that thing that makes you feel good. For me, it’s this new haircut for me today. I’m just really excited. Honestly guys, I say this and we’ll go on again for a few minutes here and we’re pretty much done. For anybody who’s like, “Ahh god, I’m good,” you can probably leave now. But otherwise, let’s just talk here for a second ‘coz I feel good about things. I’m really excited about everything that’s going on. The Youtube videos have been a blast. This has been so much fun and I love bringing this to you guys each and every single week. Everybody listening to the GEBBS Juice, it’s been awesome. You guy’s are freakin’ rokcin’ it. If you haven’t checked it out, I’m still working on it. I’ve got some bigger plans but right now, I’ve done a little bit of a face lift. I’ll probably have an even bigger one here soon. If you head on over to, (for any of you guys who haven’t seen that) let me know what you think of the site right now. I’m still working on it but it’s got the videos there, it’s got the GEBBS Juice there. I’m trying to make a central hub that I can start promoting and even updating some more things, coming out with some of my original quote pictures. I just got some fun things in the works, really exciting things that I’m working on for my one year anniversary with Youtube. If you guys have any ideas and things for videos or things you’re wanting to see, let me know.

Another thing I’m really interested in is how many of you out there are really wanting to start your own business or want to be an entrepreneur and you’re feeling stuck or have no idea what to do. I’ve got some things rolling out of my mind but just curious what you guys are thinking out there. That’s it. I appreciate you guys so much. I say it every week but gosh, it really does mean honestly, the world to me you guys watching these videos, sharing these videos, commenting and all these stuff, and all the inspiration. I’m excited to hear more about you guys in your journey.

If you’re new to this and you enjoyed this today, of course, there is a video every single Wednesday that you can SUBSCRIBE to this channel. That way you don’t miss any and give it a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it. Finally, I’ve got the GEBBS VIP at or you can click right here in the video to join that because I’ll send you guys the updates and different things that I’m working on before anybody else or where I need to send you something and the Youtube video’s just not gonna work ‘coz you might not see it for some reason. Check that out. I appreciate you guys so much. Have a rockin’ rest of the week. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Thanks so much. Bam!

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