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Alright, alright, alright, alright. Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So, the last few days, I’ve been training some awesome, awesome videographers with my really good friend, Mr. Mark Wonderlin. We’ve been doing some coaching and training together recently and it has been just so, so, so much fun. Here’s the thing I wanna talk to you guys about. It has to do with my shirt. I love relaying messages around my shirts. “The craziest thing that we can do is nothing.”

Let’s talk about that for a second. Let’s talk about this. The idea is that so many of us have the knowledge that we need. We read the books. We watch the videos. We go to school. We go to college. We go to the seminars. We do all these different things and we keep learning, learning, learning, learning, learning but we don’t take any action on that. So these guys we’ve been training, they have walked away with so much knowledge from the two of us. So combined, we have just really crushed it in the video space. What’s interesting is I actually trained Mark about 3 or 4 years ago. The big difference between Mark and a lot of people out there is that Mark took massive action on what he learned. I believe with every bone in my body that if these guys walk away from this training and take massive action, they will get massive result. Not just because of us, but now they have the confidence inside to do what they need to do to get the results that they wanna get. But they could come in here and they could walk away, do nothing (Guess what? It’s very obvious) and get no results.

I have a thing for you. I don’t know if I’ve said this in a previous video. I know I’ve written it somewhere, put it somewhere but I’m gonna say it again. This guy named Derek Sivers has this thing of ideas versus execution. It has a scale of 1-10 Ideas and 1-10 Execution. What I love about this is ultimately 1 is a Poor- Poor Idea and 10 is a Great Idea. Same thing with execution. 1 is just awful execution, pretty much not doing anything and 10 is just Unbelievable Execution. What I want all of you to think about right now, we’ll you’ve got that idea. You know you’ve got the best idea on the planet. You’ve got the best whatever on the planet but you haven’t done anything with it yet ‘coz you’re waiting for that perfect moment.

You just got a few more tweaks, a few more things that you gotta do. I want you to think about this for a second ‘coz what he says is ultimately, you can take an idea that’s a 1 with a 10 execution and it will do way better than a 10 idea with a 1 execution. So how many of you out there get so irritated ‘coz you see somebody else like “I have that idea.” Or “I’m better than that person. How are they succeeding?” Because they do, they take action no matter where they’re at. You have to be willing to take action. Just like from the video last week, talking about that fear of failure. Be a professional at failing. That’s the thing. You have to do. You have to take action no matter where you’re at. Think about all the great things out there whether it’s Facebook or whatever.

Some of you might not think Facebook is great but whatever it is, Macintosh computer, anything out there. Those people had something and they put it out there whether they put it out in Beta or they put it out in some way, shape or form. They had people test it. They had people try it even though it was broken. Even though it wasn’t perfect, then you learn, you tweak and you move forward. That’s what it’s about guys. That is what it is about. It’s this taking some kind of action even if the idea is still not perfected, even if it’s not 10 yet. If you still take your 1’s and have 10 executions, you can move to a 2 and a 3, and a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. When you get to 10 Idea, and the 10 Execution, oh my gosh, it’s a freakin’ grand slam for you. That’s what it’s all about. But you’re never gonna get to a 10 Idea if you haven’t had 10,000 1 Idea, 2 Ideas, 3 Ideas. But you keep having to try to have 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 on the Execution of no matter where your idea is on the scale. Don’t wait until you think you got a 10 Idea and a 10 Execution ‘coz it’ll never happen until you have all the other things first. So go out there my friends, all you new ones out there too. I’m super pumped for all of you. You’ve been incredible. The comments are amazing.

The last one, I have been traveling and working my butt off lately so I’m gonna get back to you with some voice messages soon, I promise you but I want to thank all of you. Ultimately, go out there my friends and take action this week. And not just this week, today, when you watch this video, if there’s something you have been putting off because you’re waiting for that perfect moment, get over perfection. There’s no such thing. What you think’s perfect, I might not and vice versa. Just remember that. There’s no such thing as perfection. It’s better to do even if it’s not quite ready at least in your eyes than it is to do nothing at all. Go out there, take action, just try. Don’t be afraid ‘coz you will learn. Remember to shift your mentality away from failure, mistakes, negative and bad to just “What did I learn?” “What did I learn from this and how can I grow from it?” My friends, you’ll be so much better off and more awesome things will happen.

Thank you guys so much for being here. I truly appreciate you as always and have an outstanding rest of the week. Remember to share this with your friend. The best thing you can do if you think you personally can help someone, let this video help someone. Share it with a friend. Let’s spread the joy and the love and the inspiration to so many more people. We do this every single Wednesday so be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next week guys. Rock and roll. Take care. Bam!

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