Positive Thinking – It’s NOT what you think

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Alright, alright, alright! Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So real quick, and we’re going right into this day’s topic of positive thinking. But in the description box right below here, whether you’re on a mobile, desktop, it doesn’t matter. Just right below. There’s a link to a survey. I wanna learn more about each and every single one of you so that I can better serve you all moving forward.

So I’ve already got a lot of responses. I’ll share some of them with you in the future but really, really great stuff. I’m excited about learning about you guys so click that link below and we’re gonna go from there. Rock and roll guys!

One of the things that’s been coming up is positive thinking. What is positive thinking? How do you stay so positive Michael? I’ve been reading a lot of responses like that. Is this real? Are you really that happy all the time? How do you do that? I don’t believe that you really have that much energy. It’s gonna be fake or forced. The reality is anybody who knows me or has met me in person… I have this pretty much this level of energy and enthusiasm for things. Does that mean that I’m always having great perfect days and everything’s hunky dory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? No.

But here’s the thing. I’ve got a few different things to think about today when it comes to this idea of positive thinking, positive mindset. So one of the things for me is trying to have bigger vision for my future. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is that every situation that I’m going through, everything that’s happening, I try to look at in a way that there can be a positive outcome to this. That this trial or tribulation, this hard thing, this difficult thing might just be what pushes me to success, might just be what pushes me to that thing that I really should be doing in life. In the moment when we’re only looking right now that it’s hard to see the future. It’s hard to see tomorrow but I promise you that someone has been in a more difficult, horrible situation than you and has gotten out of it. So I already know that.

That ties in to another point for me which is I’m able to see what I can accomplish not based always on what I know personally I can accomplish but the world is full of people who’ve accomplished things, full of people who has done the impossible. So naturally, it doesn’t take long before you surf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube here or anywhere else in the planet by turning on your TV and you’ll see someone who’s achieved the impossible. In fact, the lights on me, this camera was from somebody that created something that was once not there. For me, I just have to look around and in there, I’ve reframed my mind to know anything is possible. If someone else has achieved the impossible, so can I.

So, that being said, what about this positive mindset, just saying things? Some people talk about like affirmations. There’s a big difference between just saying something and actually owning what it is that you say. Let’s see right now if you think that I’m happy by saying I’m happy in this state…

“I’m happy. I really love doing these videos with you guys. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know. I just really love it.” Versus “Hey! I really love doing these videos with you guys.” Or “Hey! I really love doing these videos with you guys!” Either one of those is fine. Any version of a smile on your face per se or just saying something ‘coz it’s not all about… Some people say, “Well I’m not you. I’m not super energetic.” You can still smile and be a really calm, gentle human being. You don’t have to have lots of energy or be super excited or anything. You just be happy. You could just be happy not be happy or really happy. So many of you guys, so many people, I’ll talk you, in Facebook, profile photos and all these things and people are like… It’s hard to be happy if you’re slaunched, if you’re this, if you’re talking like this. You won’t even put a smile on your face. It’s really hard to be happy. Changing your state, you gotta change your physiology, your whole body, you have to own happiness. You have to own being positive.

Another thing for me is the things we say. It’s not just about I positively think that good things are gonna happen. It’s kinda like my man Tony says. He says, “There are no weeds. There are no weeds. There are no weeds.” But the weeds don’t go away. You can say it forever and the weeds aren’t gonna go away. The problems aren’t going away by wishing and thinking them away. They go away by you recognizing them and taking them and ripping the weeds out. That’s the difference.

So when I get on these videos and some people don’t know it, I’ve had bad days and I’ve had right up the wire that I’ve had to get a video done and for whatever reason, just things aren’t going my way, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… What do I do? I get in a state. I come up here and I own it. Alright, alright, alright… Alright, alright, alright… I do it. Alright, alright, alright… Alright, alright, alright… Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So I do that. But beforehand, I might have been like, “uh dang it, I gotta do this video.” And if I go, “Alright, alright, alright…I’m super excited to be with you guys on another rockin’ Wednesday.” It’s gonna be difficult but if I just get, “Shake it out. Shake it out.” Just get it on my body and go, “Alright, alright, alright… Alright, alright, alright” and get in the zone and go, “Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday.” That’s the thing. That’s what I do. I get into the zone when I’ve got to show up and be who I need to be, I’m being that person in the situations I need to be.

How many times do you have a job interview, you’re meeting somebody, you’re doing this, you’re doing that, whatever it is? And something’s just not going right in your life. But you carry that right on and get in the situation that you’re going in. Then the situation gets ruined because you’re carrying on your past baggage from the day into that conversation, that meeting, that whatever and it ruins it. Because rather than walking in… and it’s not about faking life. I’m not sitting here force feeding myself to be happy all the time and faking it. For the most part, because I do try to…I’m not silent like this and like, “Oh my god I gotta smile. Hey guys, I’m super excited.” It’s not forced.

I condition through everything that I put in front of me. From the music, the movies, the TV shows, the people, the feed I’ve curated on social media. Everyone in my life I’ve curated to make sure I’m putting positive things in my way. Does that mean everything’s positive and works out all the time? No. But by doing that, by thinking positively, by owning it, putting myself into a state and putting a smile on, and I still have bad days. I’m a human freakin’ being. But the reality is I show up when I need to show up and then sometimes when I don’t, I just let it loose. I could do that in these videos but I try more to tell you the things versus me getting on here and go, “Alright guys, I gotta record this video today. I’m really pissed off. Things aren’t working out. Let me just tell you all my problems. Let me tell you about everythings’ not working out. Let me tell you about this. Let me tell you these things aren’t going my way. I keep calling people and they just won’t get back to me. Why won’t they get back to me? I’m tired of calling people and nobody gets back to me.” I could do that ‘coz some days when I record it, some days, ‘coz for me, it’s the consistency, continue to grow, continue to do this.

I’m gonna show up and be who I need to be for you guys but I try to show vulnerability not by letting me emotionally show you and be like, “Yup, yup, yup. Okay. I’m doing this just because I have to.” Or not doing at all. I try to tell you about I’m not perfect. I’m just showing up in a way to tell you that I’m not perfect, that things don’t always work out and etc, etc, etc. But through all these time when it used to actually impact my life on a freakin’ long term basis and it was hard to get out of the rut, the difference is now I understand that I have to show up, stand tall, be who I need to be and remember that this is temporary. Most things in life are temporary but we make them permanent but really they’re not. You own who you are, what life’s dealt you because there’s always somebody out there who’s been dealt or worse off hard than you, who’s owning it, living up to in it and making the best of it. Because you’ve heard me say it before but we all have choices.

No matter what happens to you, and if it was the same thing that happened to me, I can make a choice to embrace it, be positive about it, figure out even though it might not be easy at times. This is one of those points. It might not be easy at times but figure it out and I’ll get through it because I take a positive outlook on it. I look at the bigger picture not the moment. I look at the bigger picture, the future and know how to figure it out. I’ll get through it. If I have this bigger picture, this big vision and knowing that others have gotten through this situations and I’m not alone.

And by telling you a few hundred people so far have filled out this survey, you’re not alone. We are all in this world together and we’re all suffering from very similar things. Like I said before you could take it, it’s anonymous, you could put your email in at the end if you want but you don’t have to. I just wanna hear it really what’s going on in the minds of people. I’m telling you right now that a lot of you have a lot more in common than you may think. But have a big picture, have a big vision, think positively, curate your world to put as much positive in front of you watching these videos. High five for that ‘coz that’s giving you one aspect but continue to curate your world to think positively. Take what my Jumpstarters in my group, my coaching clients are doing really, really well is taking that massive, imperfect action.

By doing that and not giving a crap about the right, wrong or indifferent, just doing, just acting, moving forward, it’s making a massive impact in their life. That’s what I want for you guys. Positive thinking but also taking the action on the thoughts because things don’t just happen from just thinking. So take the positive thinking, take the action, imperfect action, own it and have a big vision for your world, for your life, realizing that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one struggling with this and someone else has gotten through this.

Too many times we think it’s just us. Google or Youtube, you’ll find lots of people, if you type in your situation who have gotten through it. So it’s not the end of the world. You’re not alone. I’m here for you. There are a lot of people here for you.

So it’s really all I got today. It’s really all I got. I’ve been fired up from reading all these survey responses. There’s about freakin’ wide variety of responses at times and some of it, some of it are hurtful. Just so you guys know, I’m not gonna hide that. Some are hurtful. It hits me but I also realize that if there are 200 people that filled it out, there were 4 or 5 people who said that thing that’s hurtful. So I can sit and go, “Oh my god, oh my god… I better change my whole thing that I do in Youtube. I better change everything up because by god, there are a few people that hate my guts and don’t like me.” If you can believe that for all of you who are like, “What?!”

It’s true. Some people, it doesn’t matter who you are, a lot of people who, don’t like you, don’t agree with you, that’s okay. Because there are a lot of you that do. I’m not perfect and I don’t have all the right answers. It doesn’t matter but I’m not gonna focus on the few when there’s the many. That’s the thing guys. That’s the thing. Anyways, I went on there again but I just love this. I love being here and showing up powerfully for you guys each and every week to give you stuff that can get you inspired and motivated to take that action. I’ve been reading some great stories and if you haven’t, put it in that survey of how these videos have impacted your life. I’d love to hear that and I’m connecting with a lot of you this year, doing some one on one calls through my Jumpstarters community and everything like that. It’s awesome to see and hear some of these people and some of you guys either face to face, over the phone, over Skype, whatever. It’s just really cool seeing people getting results and seeing their life being changed.

Rock and roll my friends! Again, right here in the description box below, whether you’re in mobile, desktop or whatever, just click below. The link should be right there. It’ll take you to the survey. Fill that out. I also encourage you to subscribe. If you’re new here and you enjoyed the video, we do a new video each and every single Wednesday. We’ve been doing it for… it’s been going on for a year and a half now. For you, i’ll be two years before I know it. So, I’ve been having a blast here. Thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave a comment. Share your thoughts on what really you’re doing to change your overall demeanor, change who you are and change it to “I just think positively” or maybe I don’t even think positively at all but what are doing? What are you really doing to change your life moving forward?

Love to hear from you and I truly appreciate you. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Rock and roll my friends. Take care.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Rock and roll my friends. I didn’t even say anything about this. This is freaking… I’ve made this in conjunction with Tony Robbins who says, “Yes!” in his things and goes right along with today’s video of how you gotta own it. You gotta own it in every bone in your body, that enthusiasm, that positivity. So, anyways, I just wanted to share that. My Yes shirt by Tony Robbins, my dad designed it. It’s called the Goobs. But anyways, you could subscribe right here or you could check out the previous video right here. It says subscribe – previous video.

Thank you guys so much for being here. You guys rock and give me a big Yes today for positive thinking and change in your life. Rock and roll. See yah!

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