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Alright, alright, alright, alright…It’s my favorite thing.

Alright! Hey! Michael Gebben here, and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So today, I want you guys to think about something that may ruffle a few feathers out there because I know that we’ve just talked about working really hard to get better at something or finding a coach or mentor to get better at something. And that getting better at something is important for your future, your career and being really talented, right? And that’s what a lot of you think. You don’t either have the right gear, the right equipment, you’re not talented enough, you’re not good enough and that’s why you needed to pound it down to get better.

I wanna tell you, as important as that is, there’s something even more important. There’s something even more important. And that’s you. That’s your personality. Some of you may go, “I’ve got a great personality.” I don’t believe that for one single second. All of you have that unique and individual personalities that in themselves are awesome no matter who you are but you have to embrace who you are. Whether you’re quiet, whether you’re outgoing, whatever it is. But I’m gonna tell you guys, that in my life, what I have found personally to be more important than my talent is me- Me as a person. I’ll give you guys an example. Recently, my parents were talking to my first (I don’t know), client I guess you will. Basically, one of the first things I did as an entrepreneur in the video world was actually creating photo slideshows for funeral homes. And the first one was one really close to me, where I live right now. And they saw, my parents saw the guy who I was doing those for and he said, “You know…” This was like ten years ago. He said, “You know, I actually didn’t know I would wanna sell these montages, even mess with them or do them at all. Except for I wanted to work with Michael. The thing about it was when the little old ladies would come, he’d help them out to their cars and was just so friendly with everybody the whole time that he’d be around. And the thing about it is, that’s just one little nugget out of multitude of things over and over, and over again that I had people tell me and nine times out of ten, it had nothing to do with my work. Nothing to do with my work. And honestly guys, there are things out there that I’ve done that I know I’m not the most qualified. I’m not the best person. But because of my relationships or my connections, or me as a person, I got the job, or I won.

So to each and every one of you out there, I’ve seen, like people have been sending me their work and saying that they’re not good enough, or they don’t have enough gear. They don’t have enough this or that. You guys have it. I know that there’s a ton of you out there who are extremely talented but don’t believe in yourself or don’t believe in your work. You’re just making excuses as to why you’re not winning. To me, it’s YOU. Right here, we’ve talked about this on a lot of other videos before. But it is you. You’re limiting yourself. No one else, not your work, not your education, not how talented you are but you. And I believe in each and every single one of you and I want you guys to believe in yourself and in this future, in this economy, it’s gonna be you as an individual, as that uniqueness of who you are that people will want to work with. Because they wanna work with people that they can trust, they like, that they have fun with. And with the playing field being leveled when it comes to work, everybody being able to have that same gear, that same technology, that same resources to learn and edit, or put together, or write something. Whatever it is, that playing field is being leveled. It’s you as an individual that has to stand up, stand tall and be proud of who you are and bring your uniqueness to the world. Because to me, that is where people will win, that is what will separate you. When people inquire about your services, whether you’re a photographer, you’re a videographer or whatever you are out there, graphic designer, when people inquire and they don’t know what ask for so they ask for the prices, right? We all get that question. What’s your price? You don’t know how to respond besides with “What’s your prices?” If they send out and get five emails back and every one of them just has a price in it, what are they gonna go for? They’re gonna go for the absolute cheapest because there’s nothing that’s gonna separate. The work might be similar, the emails are all just text. So what’s that thing that you can do?

Recently, I actually told some people about this new site I’ve been using personally. I love the help, not hold back. It’s called Vogaroo and I’ll link it up. But it allows you to (it’s on your laptop) quickly record an audio file and then save it, get a link, put that in email, put that on Facebook or put it wherever. It’s just that little thing that you can do to record a little personalized message when maybe you can’t get that person on the phone or maybe you can’t get them in person and you’re just trying to type an email and how do you stand out? That can be something that you can do or send a Youtube video. I mean there’s a lot of different ways to get your personality out there. And so I just challenge each and everyone out there to just think I’m good enough. I rock! I don’t need to learn anything else. I know everything I need to know and I’ll do the best that I can today and I’ll continue to get better and strive to be better but I’m not gonna focus every bit of my attention to just having the best craft.

How many of you out there know that there’s somebody out there that you see who you think sucks at what they do but is far, far, far beyond where you’re at with regards to making a living with it or whatever…And you’re that starving artist. Because you’ve put all your attention into being an outstanding creative or an outstanding artist but you don’t understand that you still have to understand being social and understand sales and marketing and all that kind of stuff, and building relationships and networking. That to me is the core. If you get that down, and you put that with an awesome talent, you’re gonna crush it. But you take awesome talent without that and the guy with no awesome talent will win every single time. So focus more on you believing and you learning how to sell and market, and have that awesome personality, and build awesome, awesome, awesome relationships and connections ‘coz that will get you so much further than just talent alone. So guys, rock and roll. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and I appreciate you guys coming out here every week to enjoy these videos. Be sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I truly appreciate it. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Rock and roll guys. Take care.

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