Never Give Up – You Have a Choice (Tribute to Chuck)

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Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’ve kinda been procrastinating on recording this video today because my really good friend’s dad passed away. It’s difficult because life is fragile. When I got the news, I didn’t know what to think. I was just trying not to think about it honestly. I wanted to record this because there’s a powerful message and I wanna find that and everything. I want you guys to know I’m human. I’m affected by things. I know I put out all these stuff, Mr. Positive all the time; but I’m a human being like everybody else.

Today, the world lost an amazing human being. His name is Chuck Gable. He’s one of my best friend’s dad. He used to cut my hair. I’ve used the Gables my entire life. He used to babysit me. Everyone loves Chuck. Anyone who knows Chuck knows that he’s always full of joy, happiness and always making someone laugh. Even through all the chemotherapy and all the difficult times and all the horrible stuff that this cancer put him through, if you saw him, you’ll put a smile on your face.

The reality is that so many of you are struggling with things and have pain and have these things that don’t even compare but you moan and complain about it. Here was a person going through immense pain and suffering and yet he held is head high and he put a smile on his face and he still brought joy to people’s life. The reality is there have been people in my life recently…somebody who’s a part of the Jumpstarters group sent me this. “To Gebbs, whatever is worth doing is worth overdoing. From Nav”

Nav, who just wanted to have her baby just lost her baby. She’s holding her head high and I can’t even imagine the pain that she’s going through. The truth of the matter is, for me, I do what I do and I do these videos, I do the Wednesday videos, I do the things that I do when I could’ve been doing something else because I have this deep passion inside to see people live life to the fullest and bring joy to people’s lives.

The fact of the matter is for me, when this stuff happens, I lost a great, great amazing human being back in 2007, in the second year of my business. He’s somebody who I saw every day, I saw more than my family, I saw more than anyone… he passed away out of nowhere. The truth of the matter is that you only have right now. You don’t have tomorrow. Tomorrow’s an illusion. You don’t wake up tomorrow and say, “It’s tomorrow.” You say, “It’s today.” The reality is because that’s all you have. You have today. You have right now and the moment you’re watching this video and you have a choice every single day when you choose to do something, are you gonna do it to the max? Are you gonna live life to the fullest or are you gonna go and complain about it?

My goal, my dream for you is that you take life by the horns and you go make it what you want because you have a choice each and every single day. You can either by the sidelines and moan and complain that life’s dealt you a poor hand or you can go and take life and say, “I have a choice and I’m gonna make the best of it.”

That’s what I want for each and every single one of you because no matter what situation is out there, there’s been somebody else who’s been through a more horrible situation than you or is going through a more horrible situation than you’re going through right now. Man up, woman up and realize that you have a choice. If you’re not happy with the situation that you’re in, you do have a choice. What choice are you gonna make when you choose to do what you do, that you made worth doing to begin with, then overdo it and do it to the max because if you want certain things in life my friends, you gotta go for it.

My life might look like cherries and pogo sticks and rainbows all the time but it sure hell isn’t. You can’t judge a book by its cover. I may seem strong and I am as a whole and I’ve come a hell of a long way since I freakin’ was in highschool and decided to not go to college and end up where I am today and end up doing the things that I’ve done. I can tell you it’s been hell on earth and back to get to where I have been.

I don’t give up. When I get knocked down I get back up and I get knocked down I get back up again. That’s all I want for each and every single one of you. It’s to get knocked down and get back up. Anybody on this planet that you look up to has been knocked down a million times and then some.

I commend each and every single one of you out there who are going through deep pain, who have a cancer, who have something eating away at you less literally. But those of you who think that you have these horrible things happening to you, let those around you be something that sparks you and realize that life is short and life is fragile.

That’s what these things do to me. Know that life is short. Life is fragile. Tell those that you love that you love them. Give them a hug, give them a kiss, tell them how much they mean to you because we’re not guaranteed any more than the moments that we have right now. We may think we’re invisible, we may think it’ll never happen to us but the truth of the matter is, you never know.

So Mr. Positive over here is the most optimistic human being on the planet but I’m very realistic at the same time. Every day, I hug tightly those who mean the world to me and I tell them that I love them. I do love them with all of my heart because you never know.

I hope and wish and care so much that nothing horrible has to happen to any of you. But don’t wait, don’t wait until then. Don’t wait. No matter what happens to you, hold your head up high because this man, Chuck Gable lasted. They told them he had only 2 years and he still had a whole extra year. With something horrible, they said there’s no chance.

I believe that’s because he held his head up high and he put that smile on his face and he dealt with the card that he was dealt and he made the most of it. I just hope the same for each and every single one of you to hold your heads up high. You can get through this and you can weather the storm. You can have the things that you want, do the things that you want, be with the ones you want and live a life full of passion. You don’t have to be miserable.

Whatever is worth doing is worth overdoing. Go for your dreams. Go for your goals. Go for your aspirations. Life is short. Don’t wait for 5, 10, or 20 years down the road ‘coz we’re only guaranteed right now. So live every day as if it were your last. Rock and roll my friends.

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