How to MOTIVATE Yourself

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Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So today, I wanna talk to you about how to motivate yourself. You know I get the question all the time, “How are you so enthusiastic? How do you have so much energy? How do you get so motivated to do what it is that you do?”

Well, the thing about it is although myself and others will talk about surrounding yourself with awesome people, watching motivational videos, inspirational audios, reading books, finding stories that inspire you. All those things are great and they’re a piece of the puzzle and very, very, very important piece of the puzzle. You have to be fueling your mind with positive, motivational, inspirational things. But the reality is I still get the question, “I watch your videos, I do this and it inspires me…” but yet a lot of you still might not take any action.

Here’s the thing, for me looking back in my life and looking at a lot of high performers and people that I know that are really achieving amazing things. They’re not just motivated or inspired. They’re actually working on something that they want to be doing.

It’s really hard to inspired and motivated to work on something that you hate or that you don’t want to do. You know who you are and you know right now, if you’re in a situation where you’re like, “Yeah, you’ve really inspired me. Other people have really inspired me but yet I’m still not getting the results, and yet I’m still not motivated to do anything everyday” because what you’re working on and what you’re doing is not inspiring. It doesn’t excite you. It in itself doesn’t motivate you.

What I’ve been finding in talking to a lot of people is so many times (and I love this quote)… what you really need and I’ll tell you the quote in a second… What you really need is you need to have something bigger than yourself. You need to have something that really does inspire you. For me, everyday, I’m getting up and do something that I love, that lights me up and it hasn’t always been that way. I used to have jobs and it was like, it was three hours and if felt like three days. Now, eight hours fly by and it feels like three seconds. That’s because I’m working on something I love. But to have this big goal, this big vision, what I’ve been hearing and what I believe… and I love this quote.

“For you to achieve the impossible, you have to see the invisible.”

I love that quote because really when you dive deep into that, what it means is for you to be able to achieve these crazy things, you have to be able to see something that doesn’t exist today. What I’ve been finding is a lot of people are stuck and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They can’t see past what’s happening right now – the bad things, the awful job, the no money, not enough time, will I ever get out of this rut? And so, when you’re in that, you see that but you can’t see anything else so it’s difficult.

You find this inspiration, you find these things but you’re still not motivated ‘coz all you see is crap all around you. And you think, “How am I supposed to get motivated to work on this crap?” Well what you have to do is find that bigger goal, that bigger vision, that bigger dream for yourself, that situation, that circumstance, that life that isn’t what’s happening right now. When you can start to see that, you could start to believe that’s possible, then now you may still have that thing that you don’t like but you’ll start working on things or testing or trying things that are the future for you. It’s what your life can become and what it will become when you really believe it, own it and every bone in your body and work towards it. You still have to do that thing you don’t like right now but you’ll be able to see that this isn’t forever. This is temporary. When you know that the bad, the negative, the awful things that aren’t working out, the things that aren’t going your way are temporary, you’ll get through them and you’ll achieve the impossible. You’ll achieve these things that you never thought could be because all you could see was what was happening right now.

If you wanna learn how to motivate yourself, if you wanna learn how to achieve amazing things, have a big goal, a big dream, a big vision and believe that it’s possible. See it, make a vision board, think about it, dream about it and then take action towards it. You might not have all the answers on how to figure it out. You might not have all the answers on how to do it, all these things… but if you can just see it and believe it and know because other people have achieved it, that it’s possible for you, then it really, really is. Because so many of you that I’ve talked to don’t believe that these things are possible for you, don’t believe in yourself… You might not have those answers but believe that it is possible, believe that you do have what it takes and there are people far less qualified who have done it just because they believed, just because they took action.

What I want you to do today walking away from this video is start to just dream a little bigger. Start to think about what are some things that excite you, that you could work on? It might not be able to provide that living right now, you might not be able to quit your job today, the job that you may or may not like but what can do is start to dabble in these things that excite you. What I found is the making money part is the easy part. It’s the getting started part that’s the hard part. It’s the believing in yourself that you can do this. It’s the seeing the bigger picture, the big dream, the big goal, the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s seeing that and believing that and owning that that then gets you inspired and motivated to take massive, massive action.

When you start doing that now, this thing over here that you don’t like doesn’t matter anymore ‘coz you’re working on this thing that you know, you know one day… and if you work on it, it’ll happen much quicker than you think. It doesn’t take ten years to be able to get out of the job that you hate. What it takes is you right now, today, believing that you can achieve and do more than you’re able to do right now today and start working towards and be motivated and inspired to work on that, to work on that big goal, that big dream, trying to figure out what it is that you really love and just start testing, just playing with it. Be inspired by that to know that one day, you will get out of it. This is just a temporary situation. When you believe and own that, you can achieve amazing things.

That’s what’s happened to me. Being able to condition my mind to realize that any bad or not going my way situation is just temporary and that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. When I see that, I know I can get through whatever’s not working out right now and be motivated to be excited and inspired to do what it takes to get there, to get out of that dark spot but the reality as a whole, I’ve now (this hasn’t always been this way), I’ve built up my life where I’m truly working on something I love everyday. It’s not work. There are hard things, there are difficult things but I don’t hate it. I don’t dislike it. I love getting up to work on this stuff. That’s what you need.

Just finding inspirational, motivational things and consuming it but then having no big goals, no big dreams, no big visions for your life, not doing something that you like. So then you go, “I’m really inspired but what I do I hate so I’m not really motivated to work on it…” You see, I hope that’s giving you a shift in perspective a little bit about how to motivate yourself. Big dreams, big goals, big visions, the light at the end of the tunnel that you can see past where your current state is. From there take that action. From there work towards that thing that will light you up, that will excite you so you can get out of that job, get out of whatever situation you’re in that doesn’t light you up right now.

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