What Should I Do With My LIFE- How to Find Your Passion

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Hey everbody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday or for my friends and other parts of the world, rockin’ Thursday. And I’m not quite sure if some of you might be on a rockin’ Tuesday. Regardless, we’re gonna rock and roll today.

What I wanna talk about with you guys today is what should I do with my life? No, not me but YOU. What should you do with your life? How do you find your passion? I’ve got two really big things that I want you to think about today that are gonna help you out, that are really gonna give you some clarity or to keep it really simple.

There are a million things you could do. If you’re like me, you’re multi-passionate so you’ve got lots of different ideas and really what happens is, you get this kinda paralysis by analysis. You’re like, “I could do this. I could do this. I could do this. I like this. I like that. This guy sold me this. That’s a great idea. That’ll make a lot of money.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… and the list goes on and on. But what happens is we’re like… and I know some of you think this because I felt it and I’ve talked to a lot of people who feel the same way… which is, “But I’m really not sure if that’s the thing I wanna do. I’m really not sure if that’s the thing I wanna do. I really like this but I really like this.”

And you do this and you’re just not sure and what happens is you take no action at all towards anything because you’re afraid. What about this? If I choose this one and I don’t like it then I’m stuck. Some of you think you’re stuck once you make a decision.

Here’s something that I’m able to help people have massive, massive clarity with what it is that they should work on. So the first step here is this idea of setting a goal. Set a timeframe for yourself. When I got done with highschool, 19 years old and chose not to go to college. When I told my parents I wasn’t gonna go, they supported me but like any parents, they wanted to see me succeed. They wanted the best for me.

So they supported me and the only reason I truly believe that they let me or allowed me, or encouraged me, or supported me in my decision to not go was because I actually had a compelling vision for my future. Did I know if it was gonna work? Not 100%. I really didn’t but I was very compelling with my argument to not go. I’ve made some money in my Junior and Senior year doing some video-related things and I thought, “You know what, this whole college things just isn’t speaking to me. I haven’t applied to any colleges. I don’t really wanna go but maybe if I pour my heart and soul into this thing, it’s just feeling right and I’d like to give it a try. So if you give me one year to give it a try, if it doesn’t work out, I’d go back to college or go to college in general (not go back) but go to college.”

And I thought to myself, “I’m gonna do everything it takes ‘coz I don’t wanna go.” But also used the fire power of everybody who told me I couldn’t succeed to prove to them that I could. The thing is by doing that one year, it set a deadline to say if this doesn’t happen in one year and I give it everything I got, then school would be there and I could go back. I’ve been having calls with a lot of different people and the thing that I found is one of those things right there. That so many times, we just think, we go down this path and that’s the path we have to be on forever. I don’t believe that any of you will do the same exact thing that you do today 8 years, 10 years, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now. That’s such a scarce, rare thing now.

If you’re compelling with what it is you wanna do, give it everything you got. Maybe that’s three months, maybe that’s 6 months, maybe that’s a year. But pick something ‘coz I promise you, if you go all in on one of your ideas, you’re gonna know one, whether or not it’s the thing that lights you up and that you should be working on and you should be pursuing. But two, if it’s gonna work out, whether or not you need to bob and weave and that’s what I found by diving in, going all in on something.

I’ve learned sometimes, we could all talk ourselves into things. We could all make a good case for why we should or shouldn’t do something. So I’ve talked myself into ideas that I thought were amazing. I keep saying to everybody around me they’re amazing. Then I went and bought business cards and this, and this, and this, bought all these things, dealt with stuff… I never made a dollar. I never really did what it is that I wanted to do. I just did everything around it, convinced myself it was an amazing idea, an amazing opportunity. When I went to execute, I was like, “Oh my god, I don’t wanna do this.”

One thing I’ve learned about myself is the ability to stop. If I try something for a week and I hate it and I see no light at the end of the tunnel at all, I’m not just gonna keep doing that because I picked that and now I have to stay with it. Commitment is a powerful thing but at the same time, sometimes, you just know in your gut whether something feels right. That doesn’t mean something will be easy. I’m not describing because something was hard, I’m gonna stop. It’s gonna be hard but do you love it?

Which draws me to point #2. I heard this amazing quote from Les Brown. He says, “In your life, you wanna do something you love and you wanna do it so well that people will pay you to do it.” In fact, that’s how it was for him in speaking. He says, “I love talking. I love talking so much that I find people who will pay me to talk to them.” And the does this chuckle and he does this little laugh. I believe that’s true in life. I believe it’s true that the thing that you should do, the thing that lights you up, the thing that excites you, this passion inside, you gotta be willing to do it for free. You gotta love it so much that regardless of the money that you could get paid to do it, you would do it anyways. The times that I’ve known that I’m either not doing the right thing at all is when I’m going, “Oh my gosh. I don’t even wanna touch this with a 10-foot pole unless I’m getting paid.” Or “I really wish I was getting paid for this” but in a negative way not in a like, “That’ll be nice to get paid to do this.” But like, “This sucks.” And money becomes the only driver versus, these videos… I love doing these.

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’ve done like a one on one call with me, or you’re in my Jumpstarters group or anything, just even these videos, you know that I love this. I love this and I don’t care if I’m making a dime, now I’m making a living at this now but for so long, I was just helping people, serving people. I’m still doing these. You don’t pay to watch these Youtube videos ‘coz I love it and I know it’s the right thing because it just comes naturally. Has there been tough times? Am I gonna get more views? Am I gonna gain more subscribers? Does anybody care? Does anybody watch these? If you’re watching it, you give me a “Hell Yes!” right now down below the comments. If you’re watching these videos, 1- for the first time or you’ve been watching it for months. A big “Hell Yes” to let me know that you hear me, you see me and you’re enjoying.

The reality is I go through all these things but it’s the right fit. It’s the same thing with video. I did so many free videos in the beginning, did free things because I loved it. I remember going out with my two buddies. We got paid $300 to be gone more or less the whole day, a whole 8 hour a day. You do the math. 8 hour a day, splitting between three people $300. Now, I can do an 8-hour a day and make ten times that. But that didn’t matter in the beginning. We had a blast. We loved it. We loved it. That’s what I challenge you. I challenge you to go out there and be compelling with what it is when you find a destination.

Find/ pick something out of all your ideas and just execute on it. Don’t think. Don’t worry about it. Just try it. Just do it. Learn from it and then bob and weave, twist and turn as you go along. But when you find that thing that just feels right in your gut and you go, “I wanna be paid, that’d be great but I don’t care. I just love it.” ‘Coz the people who do what they love and they do it all the time, they build an audience and they become a masterful at it and become great, they’re the ones who were the easiest to make money at it. If I have somebody who wants to be a photographer/ videographer, they tell me “I love it so much” but had never picked up a camera and film something. They just watch things and say they like it. It’s a lot more difficult for me to get you to be able to be making money than a person who’s been doing it for two years filming videos and I look at their videos and go, “Holy crap! You’re amazing!” “No if I haven’t made any money.”

I can make you money hell of a lot quicker than the person who’s done nothing. We’ve got people in our Jumpstarters group – artists. I always mention her all the time, Eeva. She was doing nothing for the most part, besides drawing (one of the starving artists) till she believed in herself and now she’s freaking crushing it. She didn’t have to become a better artist. It’s so much easier to make that shift. So whatever it is that you do, do it. You love the violin, then play the bloody violin ‘coz you’ll never play the violin for a living if you never play it. There’s nothing you can do in life and make a living at that you don’t do. You’ve gotta go out there and do. You’ve gotta go out there and start and as you do and as you start and as you basically figure out things along the way, path ways will open up. It will become much more clear than if you keep sitting back every day thinking about these things that you should act on or that you should do and have this paralysis by analysis.

I just encourage you this week to go out there. When you’re talking about “I don’t have any passions,” There’s something that you could like to do but if you sit around doing nothing all the time, nothing will open up to you. When you start going out there and just experiencing life in general, and looking up things, something will hit and then you just start trying it out and don’t worry about the money. If you can do it without getting paid, it’s the same thing like money. If you’re happy with no money, you’ll just be a happier person with tons of money. If you’re miserable with no money, you’re just gonna be more miserable with a ton of money.

I’ve said it before. So go out there and do. Go out there and try. Amazing things will happen. I truly appreciate each and every single one of you. Give this video a big hell yeah, lots of likes on the video, give it a big thumbs up. I truly appreciate you being here and if you’re new, be sure to subscribe. You could subscribe right here. We do a new video each and every single Wednesday. Finally, the GEBBS VIP right here, you can click to join the GEBBS VIP. It’s a free list I have. I email special things, special content to you guys that I don’t email anywhere else or announce anywhere else, exclusive stuff, you get the first to be notified.

Go on over to http://gebbsvip.com and check that out. Beyond that, we will see you next Wednesday and I look forward to hearing more about you guys and your stories. You can give me a big “Hell yes” below if you’re loving these videos. Rock & roll my friends. I will see you next Wednesday. Take care.

So little tidbits here at the end, just my little extra space so you could basically subscribe here or watch last week’s video. Subscribe. Watch last week’s video. But a little tidbit for anybody who’s curious, I love GoKarting. There’s K1 Speedway, there’s poll position local to me. I love these GoKarts. I did it with my buddy a long time ago Andretti Speedway in Atlanta. It was a blast. I was hooked and I loved it ever since. I really love that and I love outer space right now. I am so interested in space. One of my favorite movies was “Interstellar” and I plan to go to space someday.

So rock & roll, little tidbits. I’ll see you guys next week. Take care!

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