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Just today, I got called out. I’ve been trying to promote this Youtube Channel, trying to reach out and tell people about it. The funny thing is I sent out a bunch LinkedIn messages over the last few weeks. Let me tell you exactly what it said.

“In our BUSY lives we don’t all reach out enough to say hello and wish someone well!

Well I just wanted to say that even though most of us have never met. I hope that we someday do and if there is any way I can provide value in your life let me know!!

Have a GREAT week 🙂

PS….if you haven’t seen them yet you may find some inspiration in my WED videos…..you can check them out here http://michaelgebben.com it’s one of my ways of giving back!”

I don’t think anything of it and I get this message today. I didn’t get a lot of replies back from sending out this message to a few hundred people, just a few replies.

It says:

“Hi Michael.

Thanks for the e-mail and hope you had a great week as well.

Just a little critique on the e-mail though. It was a great idea to just reach out and say hello to people on your list, but where I felt it lost a little bit of its connection was your P.S. Made it clear the true underlying reason the e-mail was sent. However heartfelt the wishes were for everyone to have a great week, it fell flat when you threw in the “oh, by the way, check out my website.”

To paraphrase Gary Vaynerchuck, “stop behaving like a 19 year old boy”. Take your time. Just wish people a great week. I’m more likely to search out your website on my own after a couple of simple “Hope you are doing well” type e-mails than I am a hundred “Hope you’re doing well, btw, check out my site” e-mails.

Just a suggestion.

Hope you’re doing well. :)”

What I wanna say there is it’s very interesting ‘coz I took that to heart. I thought, “Man, that hurts a little bit.” Because people who know me know that I definitely had the best of intentions, right? I’m super nice. I’m not selling anything. I think that the videos are providing a lot of value and I just wanna help people out. So, I’m just trying to let people know about it, not trying to sell them anything or anything else. Funny thing is, a lot of the messages I sent out is to people who don’t know me.

Even though it hurt me a little bit, I thought, “You know what, that’s completely right.” Even though I know Gary’s stuff and I love him, he’s super awesome and he has great stuff, love his books. I know that message and I always think about that when I reach out to people. I’m not trying to close a deal on the first transaction. I’m always trying to provide value, help people and not trying to immediately sell to them. We all hate the salesman who immediately is trying to sell, sell, sell and they don’t even care about us. You can just tell that. We can just push that aside. In these messages, I did have the best of intentions and I’m just trying to put it in front of people but guess what, I only got a few replies from a couple hundred messages sent out. So I immediately went and said, “I was gonna send out the messages to the rest of my Linkedin connections. I’m talking over a whole week and a half, I’ve gotten just a few replies from the last way I did it. I took out the P.S. and that was the only thing I changed out on the message. I’ve gotten over 20 replies just within a few hours of sending out these messages today.

Moral of the story is even for someone like me who I’m sitting here thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m always trying to provide value and help people. I’m not trying to go for the kill everytime and all these kinds of stuff. That’s not always what the other person is thinking. Luckily, this person pointed out to me. We all don’t always have those people who do it. It all gets pushed aside and whether you’re trying to apply for a job or whatever, you just shot gun approach it out to a million people and you wonder why you don’t get any reply back.

Take that time. Build the relationships because as I thought about it, If I sent out a bunch of those “Hey, just hope you have a great week”, eventually, more than likely, they’re gonna go, “Who the heck is this person that keeps wishing me a great week?” If you set your stuff right, they’re gonna look at who you are, what you’re doing. That can apply to a whole new bunch of different areas.

The bottom line is in life there’s probably only one particular situation that I can think of where you could ask for what you want the first time and get it. That happens to be Halloween when you say the magic words, “Trick or treat!” and they give you candy typically. But in most times in life, whether it’s in a relationship, trying to get a job, trying to close the deal on something, wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing, take the time, build the relationship. Be patient. Great things will happen. I need to be reminded of that because even though I know these things, I do my best to do it. Sometimes we get a little off course and we always want the thing right now.

So be patient and rock it out!

– End of Transcript –

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