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I’m fired up guys. I’m seriously super fired up. There has just been a lot of things going on. Honestly, recently I’ve been doing a lot of reflection. I’ve been a little stressed. I know all these different things but I’ve been a little stressed going, “I’m doing these different things and it doesn’t seem like anything’s happening.”

I’ve had a lot of big wins and big successes throughout my career. Here’s the thing that I’ve thought about these big wins and these big successes that I’ve had throughout the time that I’ve been doing video stuffs and it’s almost about 2004 and I started professionally in 2006 that realistically, I’ve had great things happen but then it didn’t happen 7 days a week. It didn’t happen every single day. But I constantly stayed with it every single day. I kept hustling. I kept doing what I said last week. I kept sending out the messages. Lots of people didn’t reply but I kept doing it. The reason I can keep doing it is because I was doing something I love.

So I want you guys to think about this image. There’s this image of these two guys. They’re going towards these diamonds. They’re digging. One guy, he is this close… This close. One more swing, and it will get through. Boom! There’s the diamonds. What does he do? He turns around and he walks away while the guy above is gonna keep at it. He’s gonna get those diamonds.

How many times in your life do you give up right before you’re gonna have that big win or you’re gonna get those diamonds? Because it’s all a matter of time, it’s all patience. It’s doing something you love and doing things towards whatever it is your working towards every single day, constantly you’re hustling. People take for granted how hard the people work, who you see, who are massively successful.

There’s this thing about overnight success. There are lots of different things about that. People just think that they fall out of the sky and boom! They just became successful instantly. That’s what that word means to a lot of people- Overnight Success. The reality is there are people who say it takes ten years to be an overnight success. You know what, I don’t believe that there’s a time frame for anybody. The reality is that person, he’s been putting in effort over and over again every single day without any massive results and they sit here and go, “Why? Why do I keep doing this?” There are these movie actors. Think about them. Some of them, they all of a sudden, everybody in the planet knows who they are. They hit this big blockbuster. Then what happens? People go, “Oh my gosh, where did this guy come from?” He’s like, “Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’ve been making movies for the last 15 years. I’ve been in all these movies. Nobody knew who I was and nobody cared.” Now he’s an overnight success ‘coz he hit that big win. But it wasn’t that he was lucky.

I want you guys to think about luck for a second. Luck is something that the average person, even if it’s winning the lottery, you say they’re lucky (I know a lot of people don’t win the lottery). That person still had to buy that ticket for luck to even have the opportunity to happen. Same thing for that actor, he had to keep with it over and over again every single day with nobody caring to get to where he was. Perfect example in my own life… I’ve been shooting weddings since 2004. I shot my first wedding in 2004 and then I started professionally. I opened a studio and everything in 2006, shooting weddings, events and all these different things. It wasn’t until 2010 before people really started to take notice. All those years up to that, nobody really knew who I was. I did go to work and I was getting business but people weren’t talking about me. That’s not always the goal. That’s the thing I want you to think about. The goal isn’t always that people are going to talk about you or you’re gonna be a celebrity or you’re gonna have these massive wins. Do what you love and it won’t matter. I have to remind myself of that. I learned that just in the last few days. I learned that it’s me just doing things consistently. And you’ll never know. You can’t force opportunity. You can’t force it because sometimes, just like my video last week, when you’re trying to force things upon people, good things don’t happen. You just have to have that patience. You’ll hear it consistently in my videos – Patience, Persistence. You’ve got to stick with it. Do something you love. Because when you do that, the tough times, the difficult times, all the hustle where nobody pays any attention to you, where it seemed like nobody cares, it won’t matter because you’ll keep doing it because you love it.

When you chase money, when you chase something you don’t love and you’re not passionate about and you don’t enjoy, you will give up. I guarantee it because I’ve done it in the past. I’ve done it on multiple things that I’ve given up on because quite frankly, I only cared about the money. I only cared about these things that I thought I’d get the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted from it but I hated everything about it. I only loved or thought I loved what it would give me. But I gave up because you know what, nothing great happens without hard work, dedication, passion, persistence, patience and sticking with it every single day even when people don’t notice you. Because that is how you can achieve greatness. That is how you can achieve all the dreams that you ever wanted.

And I appreciate you being here every week, watching these videos. I love helping you guys. I love inspiring you guys. That is one of the things that lights me up. And you guys, I challenge to find what lights you up. Find what you’re passionate about but keep trying. Even in trying to find what lights me up, I keep failing, I keep doing things. I keep trying so I could find that thing.

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