How Opportunities…Giving Value…and Sacrifices all work together :)

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Today, I wanna talk to you guys about three things. What are those three things? They are opportunity, giving value and sacrifices.

Let’s start with opportunity. I get a lot of questions from different people saying things like, “I need to get opportunities but no one will give me an opportunity. So what do I do? Nobody will give me a chance.” Either you’re trying to get a job and people say, “Well, you’d be great if you try to get more experience.” And you go, “How am I supposed to get that experience if nobody gives me the opportunity?”

Sometimes, we are given opportunities. We are given chances. But I want to ask you guys, what do you do when something that might be a big opportunity, comes up but you got something else going on? Do you take that opportunity or do you go do that other thing? Do you do the thing that’s fun? Do you do the thing that’s easy? Because for me, when an opportunity presents itself that just seems amazing, outstanding, I might only have one chance on this opportunity, then you better believe it that I’d go out of my way to make that happen.

Perfect example in my own life, of an opportunity that was just too good to pass up but also last minute crazy I had to push other things out of the way to make it happen. Literally, on a Friday night, I reached out to Tim Ferriss (The Four Hour Work Week) back in 2010. He’s having a launch party in New York. I asked if I could film, give massive value, just if they have somebody, “Great,” if not, whatever. I didn’t expect to hear back. I wasn’t even sure if I was fully gonna go. They actually reached back in an hour. I was like, “Oh crap, gotta pull the trigger now.” So, that was in a Tuesday. Friday, I reached out. Tuesday is the event. I fly out and get there at 2 and I had to be back the next day. I had something I really couldn’t push out of the way. So I flew in to New York Tuesday, got there at at 2 and filmed the party. I had a blast and everything. I met a lot of people and literally had to go back at three o’ clock in the morning. I slept in the baggage claim and then flew back at 6am and got back the next day in time for my event.

Sometimes, you have to do things. That event has changed my life, my business, my career, everything forever. Back in 2010, I remember that crystal clear. You never know when something could pop up out of nowhere when you least expect it which is why you have to be open for possibility, not just on the straight, narrow path that you don’t want anything to get in the way. You’re so narrow that you don’t see the opportunity. I think a lot of you have to be on the lookout for opportunity ‘coz you never know where it is, you never know when it can present itself and it might come out of nowhere.

Let’s use the example of somebody that you’re trying to reach out to and doing lunch. They give you some times. They say, “I’m good on Wednesday, Friday and next Thursday. That’s it. That might be it for the next six months and I’m good at noon.” You say, “Oh my gosh, I’m never available at noon. I’ve got something going on.” That’s not the right thing to say at least in my opinion of what I’ve seen. Because quite frankly, that person might be able to change your life, they give you a job; they’ve got a connection for you. You don’t know what it is especially if you seek them out. When you’re seeking someone out, beggars can’t be choosers my friend. You’ve got to go out of your way. Don’t make that person go out of their way for you.

The next thing I want to talk about is giving value and how that ties in to opportunity. Sometimes, there are different things that we want to do that are out there. Let’s use the job example for a friend of mine that’s out there on Facebook that has asked about “People want me to have more experience and I don’t have experience but they won’t give me the opportunity to get the experience.” Sometimes, you might just need to take the late shift. Maybe you need to work the night job and so you have the days available because sometimes, these employers, these different people, they don’t wanna take the chance on somebody who doesn’t have the experience. They don’t wanna have to pay for you to learn, for you to prove yourself to them.

Sometimes, you might have to do this other thing that allows you the time and the opportunity for yourself. You create your own opportunity. I believe sometimes, to be available for that person, say, “Listen, here’s the deal. I am gonna rock this for you. I know that my portfolio, my stuff might not be where it needs to be right now. My resume might not be living up to your standard but give me the opportunity. You don’t have to pay me a dime. At the very least, I’ll come in and clean your freakin’ toilets for you.” A lot of people who have worked for me, who have actually gone and done other things, were painting my studios, cleaning my down the stairs, all sorts of random things and they’ve gone on to rock it with me. They’ve gone on and do other things on their own. It’s one of those things when people deliver value to someone first that always makes a big difference.

I’ll use another scenario in my life. Every one of my big opportunities from working with Tim Ferriss to Tony Robbins and all sorts of other awesome people in between, I’ve given value to them first. I’ve done something for them sometimes before I’ve ever even asked for anything in return.

The final one I want to talk about is sacrifices. Kind of along the lines of what I’ve already said, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get these opportunities, to do these things to have these things happen for you. What I mean by the sacrifice is that job. You might not want to do that. You might have to be working evenings and said, “I don’t want to work evenings.” Well, do you want this dream job, this dream scenario, this dream lifestyle? Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life. You know what, I won’t be who I am today and where I am today if I hadn’t made those sacrifices. So I challenge you guys to make sacrifices when they may not be as favorable. Maybe you’re supposed to go to the movies with some friends tonight and this person (we’ll use the person again) is giving opportunity again and they’re gonna meet up with you this one time or they’re gonna be at this event or they’re gonna be at this thing and they’re only gonna be in town for this one night but you had something else planned when this came out of nowhere. Somebody presented you with this opportunity to go to this thing to possibly meet this person. You might have to make a sacrifice there. Can your friends wait that one night so you could have this thing that could be life changing?

So I just challenge you to think about that when you’re complaining about why someone doesn’t give you the opportunity. Somebody doesn’t give you a chance. Are you giving them value? Are you making sacrifices? Are you going out of your way for them instead of making them go out of their way for you? I want you to think about those things. They’re little challenges but those are things that I’ve done in my life to get some of the things I want. I have to make the sacrifices. I have to go out of my way and I’ve to give massive value to people.

Sometimes, you might be really discouraged that certain things don’t happen. Let me tell you something. Sometimes things don’t happen and beyond us, there’s a reason why they don’t happen. You might not be able to understand it right now but if you guys can start to be conscious of everything that’s happening on some level. It sounds a little crazy but for me, I start to be conscious on certain things and start to look for different signs. For me, there’s been some different things that didn’t happen when I wanted them to but they happened when they needed to happen. They happen at the most perfect time, the better time later is part of that perspective on the way that you look at things. I believe that to be true.

One the biggest changes in my life happened very recently with somebody who came into my life. The funny thing is, this person was at the exact same event I was at back in 2011. We never met, we never talked, nothing. But I connected to one person there at the particular event, only one. It only takes one to win. I connected with him. We’ve become really, really, really good friends, a phenomenal person and amazing other connections have come from him too. It has been two years now since this person has popped into my life. Why didn’t we meet? Why didn’t we connect? Why didn’t my buddy have us connect in the last two years? I feel, I look when we connected now, perfect timing, and phenomenal timing.

I just challenge you that even though things might not always go your way, to just remember to be patient, to be persistent with certain things. Don’t give up. Speaking of patience and persistent, I was going so crazy with videos, I recorded a whole other one. It’s a doozy for you guys that talks about patience and persistence a little bit more, a little bonus for you guys and a little special bonus in that video talking about how you just might be able to live forever. Crazy huh?

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