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Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday! So today, I wanna tie in something from the last week’s video. Last week’s video “Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There.” It’s really been really popular amongst all of you and I appreciate all the shares and everything else. It means the world to me. I’m glad it’s resonating with you.

Let’s talk about today which ties in also to taking massive imperfect action. It’s right here, a sign I have on my wall that says “Stop thinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right.” I know you’ve done this. I have definitely done this on more than one occasion but I do my best now to not do this anymore – that is to automatically assume the worst when we’ve sent someone a test message, emailed someone, called and left a voicemail. Whatever it is, we automatically go to the negative.

For some crazy reason, our mind is pre-programmed or at least it’s been programmed that way through the condition of the world to assume the worst, the worst thing that could possibly happen – that’s what we automatically think. For me, I’ve reprogrammed my mind to not go to the negative or at least not quite as often and in fact, most of the time, I don’t anymore. I don’t even think that the worst is happening until it happens. Guess what? More times than none, the thing that we’re thinking, the bad thing that we think is happening doesn’t even end up happening at all.

So many times maybe you’ve reached out to somebody, you’re trying to connect to somebody and maybe it’s on a business level. Maybe you’re offering free work. I’ve heard this before. My coaching clients and I have talked about this thing. I’ll give you a few different scenarios but maybe you’ve reached out to somebody that you’ll do free work and you’re like, “I can’t even give free work away. I’ve emailed all these people and nobody wants it.” So then I asked the question, “How many of them have replied to you?” Then they answer 9 times out of 10, “None.” Really? So none of them want it but none of them have replied so thus, you automatically assume that they don’t want it because they didn’t reply.

I’ve a really good friend, my man Jason Sadler. He’s written “Creativity for Sale.” I’ve talked about him before, he sold his last name, he wore t-shirts for a living, he is an outstanding guy, so awesome. Well, he talks about… his book where he sold sponsorships for the entire book “Creativity for Sale.” 300 unique emails went out – unique. He sent a total of 1200 emails to actually get the book fully sold for sponsorships – 1200. I’m not a mathematician but I think that’s somewhere around 900 other email that were follow up email. Different people took different amounts of emails and reminders to get them to take action. Some took action immediately. In fact, I was one who took action immediately when he reached out to me. Others took multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple emails to finally take that action and commit.

But he could’ve stopped with each individual email and then the fact that some said, “Yeah. I’m thinking about it.” Or they didn’t reply at all and then assumed that the people didn’t care when in reality, that’s far from the truth. For me again, Iike I said, until I get someone saying, “Leave me alone. I don’t want it. Don’t you get the picture?” which very rarely, very rarely actually end up happening. One of the tips he does is a little follow up which says, “Hey, I know things get busy. I just wanna move this back up to the top of your inbox in case you missed it.” So you don’t need to rewrite your whole email. You just send it again with maybe a different subject line and a little blurb saying, “Hey I already sent this to you but I know things get busy, I know things get crazy, I know how it is…” empathizing, connecting with them and then basically have the message there that you sent.

Why don’t you do that a few times? For me, if there’s something I really want, I do it until I get a reply and the biggest one recently, of somebody that is a coaching client that I reached out to… we were talking and he said, “I basically have these two people and I’m really worried. I sent them these proposals and I think I went to high. I think I scared them away.” Automatically going to that negative place that you did something wrong, that they don’t want it, that you scared them away, that you’re too expensive when in fact, I said, “Don’t think that. Don’t assume it. Nothing… until you actually get a reply.” So what happened? He went back and said, “Okay. I’m gonna send them an email.” So he sent a follow up. One said, “Well we actually replied to you a few days ago.” Guess what happened? They replied. They were interested. He didn’t reply back so they were thinking maybe he’s unprofessional. Maybe he wasn’t the right fit.

What happened was it went to spam so he missed that. He almost missed an opportunity but he was thinking that they didn’t want it. The other one said, “Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for getting back to me. We’ve been really busy.” And then boom! Same thing, they were really interested. They just needed that other push, that other reminder. I’m about 99% sure that both of those clients ended up going with him. That’s the exciting part… that he could’ve just lost them both because he just assumed the negative. He assumed the worst.

I got one more for you. This was with weddings and somebody was trying to book weddings and I said, “How many people have you got in limbo land? How many of you out there with your service do you have in limbo?” They’ve been like, “Yeah, I’m really interested. I’m really excited. I’d love to do this!” But you never hear from them again. How many people today do you have in limbo land that hasn’t reached back out to you? So I said that and she said, “Well, about 6 people right now.” I said, “Follow them all back up. Get a hold of them.” That day, she made over $2000 because somebody said, “Oh my gosh, thank you so much for reaching out to me. Life happened. Things got busy. Things got crazy. It got away from me. I’m so glad you reminded me.” She closed the deal on the spot.

So how many of you could go out there and do that one thing right now? Reach out to people who you’ve sent messages to, you’ve reached out to but you haven’t heard back from? Because when you really want something and you really need something, don’t take no for an answer especially, well… don’t take no for an answer but also don’t take no responses as answers because too many of us wanna take people not responding to us as answers to we did something wrong or we’re too expensive or they don’t want what we have.

A lot of times, you know how it is. Things get crazy. Things get busy. Life happens. Things get away from us or there’s just so many messages coming into our inbox, our Facebook or text or voicemail, whatever and things just get away. Sometimes we miss it and sometimes, I’ll be honest, some of the big people I’ve reached out to is purely timing, purely timing…because they’re so efficient. They’re high performers. They’re not checking their email necessarily all day long. They might only check it at 8AM and if you send it at 8:45, they’re not gonna see it till the next day which they might not see at all because so many emails have come through. If you happen to send that thing right there at 7:45 and it’s at the top of their inbox right at 8 when they check it, I’m just saying… I’m throwing out a random time. You’ll never know what it is or for who or whatever so I can’t promise anything with that but sometimes, that’s what it is.

It just takes that persistence. You gotta have persistence, taking that massive imperfect action like we talked about last week, doing it, reaching out but not just taking that first reach out, reach out again. How bad do you want things? How bad do you really want it? Are you willing to just let a bunch of non responses to things be your answer? If you’re in business for yourself and you’re wanting to make things happen, then you gotta be willing to do whatever it takes and you gotta be willing to be persistent and not take these non responses or these things that you assume to be negative and take that for real.

Start assuming the positive. Start assuming the great things that can happen, all the great things that can happen from the things that you’re wanting to do rather than thinking, “well this bad thing, that bad thing and I’m not sure about this” and being scared and all that kind of stuff because being scared will get you nowhere. You’ll learn more from doing. You’ll learn more from taking action than you’ll ever learn from being scared and thinking, “What if, what if, what if and what if???” The “what ifs” aren’t gonna do anything for you so take that massive imperfect action. Start assuming the positive, the great things not the bad.

Don’t assume the bad till the bad happens. Don’t assume the bad till the bad happens. So go out there and re-reach out to some people that have been in limbo land for you. Whatever it is, for whoever it is, whether it’s business or you’re in a date with somebody and you’re like, “ah, they didn’t call me back…” They might be thinking the same thing! “Well, I don’t know if I should call him. I don’t know if I should call him. I don’t know. I don’t know.” And they go back and forth. Both of you in your own little worlds and nobody reaches out and then it dissolves and it ends ‘coz people just… each think the negative. “Well, should he call me? Should I call him?”

So just don’t assume things like that. Just go for the things you want and great things will happen. I truly appreciate each and every single one of you. I have some fun ones coming up here because we’ve got the end of the year coming up. 2014 is almost over. Can you believe it? Anyways, I have some fun stuffs coming up. If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe. Also, if you’re not already on it, we have some special announcements. I don’t announce… We just did a few last week. If you’re on the list, you got to see it. A special call I did. http://gebbsvip.com. GEBBS VIP right here, and you could subscribe to the list. We do special updates and announcements that I only do for you guys.

I truly appreciate all of you. I hope to see you next week. Keep rockin’ and go make some magic happen. See you guys next week. Take care.

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