Fear of Failure – Be a Professional at FAILING

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Alright. Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday.

So I’m really, really pumped up today for all the new subscribers coming in and they’re coming in from a very special place. Recently, I’m New Orleans and got to be interviewed by my great buddy, Alex Ikonn. For all of you new people coming over here from Alex’s channel, I would love for you to leave a comment below, introduce yourself, say hello and I’ll record a little message and everything back. I’m super excited to have you here. Thank you so, so very much. You guys rock. The people who have been here before, Alex’s fans, absolutely you’re amazing. Thank you guys for being here and everybody else.

So today, I wanna talk to you guys about something that every week, these are videos that are like what’s fresh, what’s in my heart, what’s going on. Recently, people have been asking me on “What do you think separates you from other people?” In general, “What separates successful people from people who feel like they’re not achieving success in their life?” For me personally, I’ve been using this analogy that essentially, I’ve just been calling my buddy today, my good buddy Karman, great, great friend of mine at lunch today, that one thing that I’ve learned that before, I think I’ve always kind of done but I’m very conscious of now, and that’s the idea that I’m willing to run full speed ahead, in the wall, get knocked down, get back up and running to the wall again maybe in a different angle, maybe a little different but I’m still running to that wall, get back up and maybe I learned that the door was just right over here. Maybe that’s a little crazy analogy but the gist of it is, is that ability to get back up, fall down, get back up, fall down, get back up over and over and over again. Just keep failing, just keep making mistakes not worrying that you’re not doing things right because to me, what I’ve learned is, I’d rather quickly realize whether I want to do something or I like something than to spend years and years and years waiting for that perfect time, that perfect opportunity because it never ever will come. So for me, a perfect example, I held an event called “The Rockin’ Life” event here a couple of years ago locally. I decided out of the blue 4 weeks before I was gonna hold the event that I was gonna do this. Most people would think I’m crazy. Most people would say, “You need months to plan an event.” Well for me, I spent those four weeks hard core promoting that thing and I almost had 80 people show up. I spent more time promoting it than I actually did on other things but it went well and to me, if anyone showed up, it’s a success. That’s another thing of all my videos. I set making a success very easy. Instead of saying, “Well I needed 300 people to show up and then make this much money and do this, and this, and this.” I just said if people show up, then I succeeded. ‘Coz that’s what I wanted to do. I learned, it was a lot of fun but it was also a lot of work and it was difficult. There was just so much to it that it wasn’t something I wanted to do regularly. But instead of taking 6 months to figure that out, I just did it and then I accomplished it. And something else I could check off and go boom! I did that.

I’ve had a lot of things like that happen. Things I thought I really, really wanted to do and instead of spending years waiting for the perfect time or this to add up and started to line, I just did it. After recently getting to literally interview billionaires and millionaires, I found out that that is a trait that all of them have. They are willing to be professionals at failing, professionals at failing. Are you willing to be a professional failer? Are you willing to be a professional making mistakes, not being right, being wrong? Are you willing to do that to have the things that you want in life? Because I can tell you, those people that you look up at in life, they have failed, they have made mistakes, they have been backed up against the wall, they have run into the wall, fallen down, they have been beaten down more than anybody on this planet. I can guarantee you. Because it’s not easy especially anybody in the limelight, it’s not easy. Sometimes we have so much to live up to, so much. And it’s not necessary, that’s the thing for any of you who wanted to be in the limelight, that’s not it at all. But regardless, to sometimes have the things you really want, you have to get out of the situation that you may be in, there’s gonna be hard times, it’s gonna be difficult but I challenge you today to just go out and not just try. But as my good buddy, Alex Ikonn said in one of his videos that somebody gave him this “Aha” moment. Don’t just go and try. Go and do. Take massive action towards things and not worry how it goes because I always learn from every single thing that I do. I always learn and that is all that matters. It’s that you learn, that you take something away from everything that you do and you’ll get better each and every single time. But if you wait for perfection, you’ll never get there because perfection is a disease. There’s no such thing as it because what’s perfect to you is not perfect to me and vice versa and all the way around. It goes over, and over, and over again. That is just something you get out of your mind. Just try and be willing to fail, make mistakes and get back up and do it again because that’s when you’ll have greatness. That’s when you’ll achieve amazing things, not when you wait for the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity. You can create the perfect moment than the perfect opportunity as cliché as it sounds. So guys, go out there, challenge yourself today to do something that you’ve never done before and not worry about the outcome. Just know that you did it, you took action, you got some type of result and you learn from that and then you can do it again. You’re not waiting years, and years, and years and months, and months, and months to find out you didn’t want to do that anyways.

Rock and roll my friends. I absolutely, truly appreciate each and every single one of you. I say that from the bottom of my heart and I truly mean it. The comments, everything that’s been happening has just been outstanding and so much of this is because of you guys. I’m floored. My energy is through the roof because of you. Just being able to deliver this and know that lives are being changed and not just for me, to you, but you guys to others. I’m pumped to see the results you guys are getting, just your lives being lit up. If you haven’t checked it out, I have a link below, Gebbs Juice. Daily Gebbs Juice, it’s an audio that’s two minutes or less. You can check it out on Soundcloud, really easy. I have a playlist and all the audios are below it. You can subscribe. You can check it out there. It’s a simple two minute audio for you to start your day off. Get it rockin’ and rollin’. Having a lot of fun there. That’s all I’ve got. Please share this with a friend and I truly appreciate you. We do this every single Wednesday. Bring the fire you. Rock and roll my friends. Have an outstanding rest of the week. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Take care.

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