Best Day of My Life – 1 YEAR!!!

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Alright, alright, alright… Alright, alright, alright…There it is. Testing. One, two… Testing. One, two. So, alright everybody…

Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday. So, it’s been one year. Can you freakin’ believe it? What happened was, it was Wednesday last year and it was my birthday. So tomorrow’s my birthday, September 4th. September 4th of last year, I decided I’m going to launch this Youtube channel. That a really good friend of mine who’s built a really successful Youtube channel, has an amazing life kept telling me, “Michael, GEBBS, buddy, you gotta start a Youtube channel. You gotta start a Youtube channel.” I kept hearing that. I kept hearing it. He kept telling me. He goes, “With your personality, the way you talk and the way you inspire, you should do a Youtube channel.” So, this buddy was Alex Ikonn, which you can check out his channel. It’s just an amazing inspiration in my life. We’ve become really great friends. Finally, I said, “You know I’m gonna do it.” I always like deadlines and different things. So it was my birthday and I decided to launch. I was about to go out and go Go-carting with my brother and a friend for my birthday and I just decided to record the quick little video. You can see that was my very first video that I put on my channel. Not knowing anything more than I gotta put something up and I’ve got to start. From there, I decided well, I’ll just do Wednesdays and I’ll do one video a week. That’s what he told me. Just do one video a week. Keep it simple. I know I can do this. I know I can do that. I know I can make it really fancy but just one video a week. I decided to keep it simple. We’ve had the same design, same everything for one year. I haven’t skipped a beat for one year. No matter what my crazy travel schedule and all these things, I stayed committed for one year so far to doing this each and every single week.

When I started, I was just like many of you. Zero. Big zero, zero, zero. I had zero subscribers, really zero connections in the Youtube space. I had no idea what I was gonna do besides ramble off once a week and inspire because that is something in a couple of years ago, I really decided that I wanted to do. But the reality is, I didn’t really know how to do it. I really wasn’t doing it all the time. I just do it in random interactions with people and people would say things and I really like that. But I kept staying with my video production and then the last year, I’ve tried a lot of different things. I’ve tested a lot of different things to find that thing that freakin’ fuels and lights me up more than anything.

You see, the thing is, the shirt here, “Best day of my life,” I can say I’ve had a version of this for a while now. I know when I first started my company, I’ve neglected my friends and my family and those closest to me all the time. I never had time for them. I was always busy building my business. Now I know all these things and learned all these things that I don’t encourage anybody to take that same path. There’s a lot of pain, a lot of trials and a lot of tribulations for that. There’s a lot of things that sucked. But ultimately, through all that, I’ve learned a lot. But now I’ve been able to build up a life where I don’t look forward to Friday. I don’t know what day it is half the time. I don’t even know how old I’m supposed to be, how old I’m gonna be at times. It’s just crazy. I’ve lived this life that I’ve now been able to build up that I don’t dread Monday, I don’t look forward to Friday. Everyday’s just an awesome day as a whole because I’ve long time ago said, “I don’t wanna wake up everyday not looking forward to the day. I wanna wake up excited with what I’m doing.” If too many days in a row, I’m not doing something that I truly enjoy, I need to figure something out. What’s funny is I love the video production and a lot of things amazing have happened. With that, I’ve met a lot of phenomenal people and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. But a few years ago, I lost a little bit of my sizzle and drive for that and I really started to get this taste in my mouth of inspiration. So, I’ve been on this little journey for really the last year. I’ve tried a lot of things.

What I encourage each and every single one of you is if you don’t try things, if you don’t start anything, nothing will ever… you’ll never figure anything out. It’s what I’m trying to say. You’ll never figure anything out. Recently, I’ve had some things happen that I wish I would’ve known two years ago. But ultimately, a year ago I started with zero and I’m almost at 9000 subscribers now in one year with doing one video a week. I’ve started and stopped some other things that weren’t just right for me. At the beginning of the year on a site called Medium, I wrote on that site for 30 days straight, writing original things. It wasn’t audio transcription or anything. I was writing them for 30 days and I was like, “You know… that’s just not me. It’s just not really connecting.” I’m coming up with some good thoughts, sometimes I’ve got some flow but my gosh, it’s just not working. Maybe I could’ve cut that back down. Of course, I was trying 7 days a week instead of just once a week like I’m doing this but it’s still just not working for me. I’ve done a number of other things. Then finally, after all these different things, I realized this, with video and with talking to people and helping them out, that’s where I need to be.

Recently, I asked people, “What is my super power?” I messaged people. I texted people. I did it in a Youtube video and it’s so funny. I sometimes think I’m really good at sales and marketing. I think I’ve been really good with video production. I have a really successful video production company. There are always things I think of myself but when I put it out there, I didn’t get any of those. I didn’t get any of those. I got that at the core, when I’m having the most joy, the most happiness, the most fun, it’s when I’m talking and it’s when I’m inspiring somebody, and lighting somebody up. That’s when I have the most fun. And people said you’re able to make the impossible possible. You’re being able to get me to realize that I can do that, I can go for that dream, I can quit that job and go after that thing that I’ve always wanted to do, whether it be photography, videography, whether it’s to start the blog, start the Youtube channel, to start doing your art again, whatever it is, to get somebody fired up to do that. I hope you’ve gottedn that from my videos but what I learned, a term that I actually got from being able to walk with my grandpa every morning, I was talking about this, I was talking about some of his success. I said, I told him, “I’m so proud of you. You did such an amazing job. You’re just crushing it.” It just brings me so much joy. He says, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

This is somebody that about three years ago, trained with me one-on-one and they spent really a day and a half and then some conversations from here and there that kinda keep seeing how things were going but that day and a half, all I did and this is what I coined it, is I jumpstarted him. You see, let me use the analogy of a car for just a second. You see, with a car, you have a car that’s got a great shell, great inside, great outside, everything’s working great but if the battery dies, you leave the lights on or whatever, the batter dies. It’s stuck. It’s stuck on the side of the road. It’s stuck wherever. It’s dead. It has no life. It has no energy. It can’t do anything. It can’t go anywhere. You’re better off walking. Until another car comes along and ultimately, plugs in the jumpstarter cables to each ground on the battery and jumpstarts that battery, gives it the jolt that it needs, gives it the energy and off it goes. You don’t stay tethered together to those two cars and drive down the road with the cables attached to each other. They go their separate ways.

So for me, what I’ve learned is that I’m that person who’s able to jumpstart someone’s life, get them from being stuck, to get them fired up about life, to take action on things that they never thought were possible. Maybe they didn’t even know it was possible. Maybe they weren’t even aware of it. Now, they are. Now they’re excited and they’ve got something to look forward to, something to attached to, something bigger than themselves. So that’s ultimately, what I figured out for myself, this revelation that I’ve had recently. I’ve wanted to give more. I did a Live Call a few weeks ago and I had some of my friends on. You guys have been checking those out. I’ve had a few thousand plates and stuff now, and I was in my zone. I was in my element. I did like 6 hours of Live Calls that day and to me, to the extent that I was just getting warmed up. I was worn out at the end of the day but at a different kind of worn out. Not like a, “Oh my gosh…” but I’m talking just kinda like, “Wow…” and my voice is giving up a little bit but beyond that, I was excited. I was in my element but I was still a little confused on exactly what I’m gonna offer you guys. I said I wanted to give more and I thought this thing about a t-shirt and whatever. Some of you probably think, “What are you gonna do this birthday?” “What are you gonna do this year?” Ultimately, what am I gonna do?

Well, I’m gonna launch something tomorrow. I’m only gonna tell you a little bit about it on this video. I’m all about starting. You gotta start somewhere. That’s what I want for you guys. To realize that you have to start. I want to jumpstart your life. I have so much more to give than a 5-10 minute video once a week. It doesn’t mean I want to give so much that I’m overwhelming you and there’s just too much you can’t take it on. It’s not about stuff. It’s not about more. That’s what I found. Too much is too much crap and people are trying to sell us 5000 hours of this and this and this… it’s just so much you’ll never get through it. You’re never getting results. I want to transform people’s lives. I want people get the results as quick as possible not freaking 12 years from now, not a year from now, not 9 months from now – as quick as possible, get them fired up. And then from there, keep the energy going, keep the fire going but ultimately, that jumpstart might take a week, it might take three weeks, it’s all depending upon you. But what I want to do is I want to launch a program called the Jumpstarter program. If you aren’t already, some of you are… I know I’ve said it before but GEBBS VIP, I’m launching it to them giving them the opportunity, you guys the opportunity first. You’ll get an email on Sept 4th, Thursday morning with the details about the program and how you can join.

I’m only letting in limited amount. This isn’t some kind of play. I will bring it out later. But if you’re serious about getting there, being one of the first to get started, to get moving on this, I suggest that you get on the GEBBS VIP. or click here. Sign up and get on that as quick as possible when I launch because I’m gonna close it down with that limited amount. It might be a month or so before I open it back up to any more ‘coz I really want to make sure that I got everything working right with everybody. You still get massive value. Everything’s gonna be the same of what I’m gonna do. Again, the details will be in that email, in that link. I just want to make sure that we freakin’ rock it for that initial group and got everything all set, just right before I open it up to more people.

Because the reason I want to do this, the reason I want to have a program where I can deliver more is because I get so many email, so many messages, so many things from coming on every single platform and I just can’t help everybody. What I wanted to do is I’d love to offer it for free. I know you guys are thinking but I got something that, I don’t know if it’s revolutionary but I’m freakin’ really excited about it. So thought about all these prices. I could charge a ton for this. I get paid $4000- $5000 at times to be able to do these small intimate one-on-ones and group settings. So, with everything that I’ve accomplished, I could charge a lot for this and I thought then there are these people who can’t get in. And then I thought, well I can charge a little but then there’s gonna be…I just went through a million things. It’s just what my mind does. And finally, I came up with an idea. I’ve seen this recently. I’m so excited about it. I love this idea of giveness – giving and helping and ultimately being able for you to pay what you want, pay what you think is fair.

Right now, for this initial launch for this small group, I’m allowing you to get in. It’ll be a monthly investment but you can set that price. I follow different things and I love the idea of people being able to get in at what they can afford. That’s what I suggest. I would have probably charged about $97 a month for this. Somewhere in between there or more if you want. If you’ve been impacted by these videos and everything and you’ve done more well-off in life then you can invest more. I want you to fit in wherever you can fit in, whatever the value is at for you today that you can afford but I really want people to shift their mind because this is the thing that I found with people. They don’t want to invest in themselves. They don’t want to spend a dollar. If you can’t even spend a few dollars a month to do this then this isn’t a good fit for you and you’re gonna have a difficult time.

What I want to get you and this is where this is at, is taking you through the v alue ladder. What’ll happen is right now, maybe you can only give a little amount per month but you get started. But if you’ll do that, you can do more later. That’s the same thing as somebody saying, “We’ll I’m gonna donate a bunch of money when I have a bunch of money.” The thing is if you won’t give a dime out of a dollar, you won’t give 10,000 out of a 100,000. You won’t give 100,000 out of a million because a dime out of a dollar is no different. That’s the thing I want you to think. Right now today, what could you give and that’s what it’ll be set up as. There’s really no excuse. If you choose not to do it, then so be it. That’s fine. There’s no excuses from anybody not to be able to get in. It’s too much, it’s this, it’s this, it’s this… If you were serious about taking your life to the next level, about jumpstarting your life… If you feel alone, if you feel stuck, if you feel confused, you need that clarity and you just don’t know what to do, and you need a little bit more of this more than just this 5 or 10-minute, 15-minute video that I do once a week. I have so much more in-depth things that I can talk about and all these people I know, and all these different things, there’s so much stuff but again, that’ll be in the video exactly what I’ll have. I want you to consider this because nothing would bring me more joy than being able to do this more and give more and see more transformations, more just people being able to do the things they love because there’s people in my life that I want so much for.

You can never force anything upon anybody. That’s what I found and that’s what I want for you guys. This isn’t for everybody even though initially, anybody can get in at any price that they want. You have to want this and that’s what I found. You have to want change. If you’re sick and tired of where you’re at today, if you’re sick and tired of missing your kids’ basketball game, soccer games, sporting events, whatever they have going on, if you’re tired of going to a job everyday that you freakin’ hate, that you get treated like crap, they don’t respect you, if you’re freakin’ in this rut not knowing what direction to go to next… because I don’t care what level you’re at, I have met everybody from all sorts of levels, I’m part of groups that cost 1500 bucks a year and you see these high-level guys, they still have the same problems as somebody with no money. They have tons of money and they still struggle, they’re still insecure, they still have problems. That’s what this is at.

For me, I found that I used to have lots of problems, lots of struggles, lots of different things in different areas but the thing I’m good at, coaches need coaches, I’m good at finding that hole for somebody and being able to find what they can do that will light them up. That’s what this all will be about. If you wanna join the Jumpstarter Program, get on that GEBBS VIP. Take things seriously. Be ready for that change, ready to take it by the horns and freakin’ run with it ‘coz I’m gonna bring the fire and I’m super excited about this and like I said, there’ll be more information. Thursday, Sept 4th. Just go to, put it in and you’ll get an email. You’ll be the first to be notified. You won’t be notified anywhere else. There won’t be links to join anywhere else until potentially, a month or more from now. We’ll see how everything goes in that first week or so with the initial people.

I appreciate you guys so so so very much. 9,000 we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of thousands more to go and I’m pumped about it. I’ve got some ideas of how we’re gonna roll this thing. Anyways, I’ve said far too much. It’s gone on so long. I’ve got plenty to say. Obviously, it’s gone off a little tangent here. If you’ve made it to the end, thank you guys so much and it’s just exciting because like I said, if you guys have been here for a year, thank you. I know the super fans. Skyshadow, you freakin’ rock. I know you’re here from the first months and you rock my friend. I truly appreciate you buddy and all you others who’d supported me and left me with comments and kind things. It really brings me a lot of joy to see that and there’s lots more joys, lots more exciting things to come, the rest of 2014 and 2015 and beyond.

Let’s go jumpstart your life. Rock and roll my friends and we’ll see you next Wednesday.

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