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Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I’m super excited to be with you on another rockin’ Wednesday! So first off, I just want to thank everyone who has joined the Jumpstarter Program so far. You guys rock! A lot of you are already in the Facebook group, in the Facebook community, building relationships and connecting and man, there are some awesome people in there. This is exactly what I was super excited about and you have dreamed out could be. This is just the beginning. If you wonder what that is, if you missed last week’s video, right here,, click that or type it in. Go, sign up for the GEBBS VIP list if you aren’t already on it and next page will take you to all about the Jumpstarter program. So I won’t go on and on about it in today’s video. Ultimately, that’s how you get into it where it’s gonna kinda close down registration tomorrow, on Thursday Sept 11th depending on when you’re watching this video. We’ll open it back up in the future but I have some special things for the people who joined in the beginning here. You’re the founding members of the whole thing. It’s really exciting. I appreciate all of you. I’m hoping to see some more of you in there. Check that out and we’ll go from there.

So, one of the big things though that I’m gonna tie in today is mindset and how it really, really affects our lives – one of my first jumpstarter tips if you will. What’s really interesting is you’ll find that in life you’re not alone. You might thing you are. You might be really “embarrassed” which that’s the word of the day. I did a survey and there are many many people who really wanted to join the program. They’re like, “I’m really excited about it. I really want to do it. It seems awesome but I’m really embarrassed because… I can only give a little.” See what’s funny is I allowed people to pay whatever they wanted, as little as $5 or as much depending on your financial situation. The funny thing is people where embarrassed. 100% this program is for you. But 100% it’s about mindset. It’s affecting you in more ways than one. Not just with me because if you’re afraid of me judging you, I’m not here to judge. I’m only here to help and I always say that. But if you’re afraid of me, I can only imagine how you’re going about life on a day to day basis. Whether you join the program or not, it doesn’t matter.

But here’s the thing, ‘coz this is what I wanna give for free each and every single week on these videos. How many times in your life do opportunities come your way that you just shun away or you think that can’t be real, that can’t be possible instead of being grateful for the opportunity? So many times things come into our life that we just can’t believe that it’s real. We can’t believe that it’s possible or as I always say to people with opportunity, “There’s opportunities right in front of us that we let slip right through our hands.” We just let them go for one reason or another. Whether you have a lot of money or you don’t have a lot of money, you could be resourceful.

I’ve been at an event and this guy, I think that was a few years ago wanted to go South by Southwest. I can’t remember exactly what he did but he all of a sudden did all these crazy stuffs and he raised his flights, tickets, everything to go within a matter of like, gosh for something I think was like 24 hours. He had no money. He couldn’t go but he really wanted to go. I can’t remember what he did but that doesn’t matter. The point is he did it. He was resourceful. He made it happen. For me, I’ve worked really hard. I have the ability sometimes to use money to get things that I need. I’ve done other things in my life where I didn’t have as much money and then I was really resourceful and I was really resourceful and other creative ways where I used my skill set in video production to get things. Whoever you are, whether you’re a videographer, a photographer, a writer, a graphic designer, web designer, whatever, you have skill sets that you can use to quite frankly, get things you want, do things for free. I know we’re all afraid of free but I’ve done a lot for free that’s led to a lot of great things.

But what I’m saying here is there are these opportunities where somebody gives you something. Are you willing to say, “Ah, that’s okay…” because either you don’t have the money or you don’t wanna make the time or whatever it is. For me, you’ve got to believe. You’ve got to see things. The thing in my video each and every single week is to get you aware of opportunity. That’s one of the big things. All the things that happened in my life since I was born or since I started my company… when I started my company, I had never flown anywhere and now I’ve flown all over the world. I didn’t think I’d get more than $500 for a wedding and now I’ve been paid $5000- $6000 for a wedding. I didn’t think I could film more than weddings, dance recitals, graduations, tape transfers to DVDs and now I’ve done all sorts of types of videos. I’ve flown in helicopters, all these crazy things. I’ve got to rub elbows with some pretty incredible people and it wasn’t that I didn’t believe it when I started. I just wasn’t even aware that these opportunities were there.

One thing I wanna challenge you is to become more aware of your surroundings, of the opportunities, of things that come right in front of you. Maybe you meet somebody, maybe there’s something that’s put there. I don’t believe that things are put in front of us. I don’t believe you’re watching this video for absolutely no reason. Many of my videos I watch to inspire people each and every single week. So when one reason or another, either you just love listening to me and getting inspired or you’re really feeling like you might be a little lost right now and you’re looking for that clarity, you’re looking for that light bulb moment. I’m hoping I could give it to you but I just want you to know that anything is possible but just remember, if you don’t believe it, and if you don’t try things from time to time, if you don’t take a risk from time to time, then you’re gonna have a really difficult time, a really difficult time.

For me, I’ve done a lot of things that were really scary in my life but I don’t really regret those things. What I regret is not starting the Jumpstarter program three years ago because I really wanted to inspire people and motivate people and do all these three years ago. And if I would’ve started then, where would I be today? Just like my Youtube channel, if I hadn’t started a year ago and I’ve only put one video up a week and I hustled my butt off, but a year later, I had 9000 subscribers. Subscribers, it is what it is. You guys mean the world to me. It’s not about numbers. It’s about one person at a time impacting one person at a time, doing your best each and every single day. But believing that greater things can happen and it doesn’t mean that what you have today isn’t good enough or isn’t great. This is not what things are about. It’s being grateful everyday for what you have, realizing that it’s not about the destination but we’re built to grow, we’re built to learn if you just get static. If you just get stale, if you just get stagnant and don’t do anything, you miss that yearning to grow, to do new things. That doesn’t mean what you have is bad but just remember… I’m going a little all over the place today. But just remember mindset. I tie this back in to the people and not just the people who did this. I know that there’s lots more of you out there doing this in some way, shape or form. But the embarrassment because you could only give a little today and I’ve said, “Start small. Grow big.” That’s the thing. You gotta start small to grow big. I said, if you won’t give a dime out of a dollar, you won’t give 100,000 out of a million.

That’s the thing. No matter where you’re at, it doesn’t matter. I wanna be that hero for you guys, that underdog, that person who nobody else seems to care about. It’s easier to go after the fluid people and all these things and they’re part of the equation. My man Tony Robbins, he wouldn’t do well if there weren’t people from you people who don’t have a lot of money to people who have a ton of money because there are things that he offers for free, there are things he has that are books, events for a few hundred dollars and there are events for tens of thousands of dollars, everybody in between in getting to deal with him personally and other people.

The reality is there are people in all walks of life. It doesn’t matter about your financial situation. People struggle. We have the same issues. But still, when you can get your mindset locked in to believe that anything is possible, you can get out of the rut you’re in, or if you’re not in a rut, that you can keep rockin’ and rollin’. And we run into roadblocks but the people who have their mindset locked on right are much easier to get around those things and bob and weave than get bulldozed over left and right by things that hit them and then they have a hard time getting back up. Get your mindset right. That’s what it’s about.

So that’s my thing today guys. Just get your mindset straight. Believe that anything is possible because it truly is for you. Don’t be afraid and when people put things in your hand, say “Thank you.” Accept that there are good people in this world trying to help you. Don’t let it slip by. So rock and roll my friends. I truly appreciate you guys. I say it every week but man, the comments, the people joining the Jumpstarter, all these things, it’s just awesome and I didn’t all these things were possible back in the day. But man, I’ll tell you what, it lights me up to see people getting excited and connecting and building relationships and achieving their dreams. That’s what it’s all about. Doing things that you always dreamed of, traveling to places you’ve always dreamed to travel. Just being with the people you’ve always wanted to be with and hanging out with your friends and family more, having that free time. Rock and roll my friends. I will see you guys next Wednesday. Have an amazing week. We’ll see you soon. Take care.

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