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Happy New Year everybody! It’s Wednesday! January 1st, 2014. Gonna bring the fire today guys. I hope you guys are ready to rock and roll. So this quote right here, “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” Designed by my good buddy, girlfriend, Jason Headsetsdotcom which I mentioned in one of my very earlier videos. I’ll link up right here. But this came from Ashton Kutcher’s speech on the Teen Choice Awards. Now, I’m gonna link up the video here and in the description you can click on it and I encourage you to watch it. I won’t give you exactly what he said. He gave this quote, “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” And when you guys enter 2014, and you’re going through the day to day grind, I want you to think about something. I want you to think about all those people that you look up to, that you may envy or be jealous of because you think that they have these things that you can never have, you can have them. That’s #1.

#2 is I want you think about the fact that when you look at these people and you think, they’re lucky. There is no luck! You create your luck. Bottom line. ‘Coz people look at me sometimes and say, “Oh my gosh Michael, you’re so lucky. You get to travel all over the place. You go to all these beautiful destinations and all these places.” But what people don’t realize is all the hard work that goes in to having these opportunities. I don’t just sit around in hope and think, “Oh my gosh, I hope that somebody gives me a call today and it’s gonna send me to Fiji.” You know, I don’t do that. I’m, hustling behind the scenes all the time.

I’ve been hustling really since I was 10 years old and I got a paper route. And that paper route, I had for eight years. And then I had another job and I was packaging beer at a beer place. You know my dad works at a cemetery and he got me this job and I worked at this beer place repacking beer. I was the breakage boy. And I worked at “Jimmy Johns” and I cleaned up the toilets. And at the breakage place I actually picked up trash on the highway. And then I actually, a lot of people don’t know, my mom cleans houses. When I started my video production company when I was 19 right out of highschool, I had quit the one job that I had at the beer place. And I started my video production company, as I said, right out of highschool, no college.

You know what I did that a lot of people don’t know? I helped my mom clean houses. I helped my mom clean houses to make some extra money and at the time I just happened to still live at home but I helped her clean houses. And that led me to be able to have enough free time to pursue what I needed to do with my video production company and keep moving it forward. But nothing was above me, which is something that Ashton said. There is nothing that he was better then. Everything was an opportunity disguised as hard work. My mom cleaned houses. It wasn’t the greatest thing. I can’t say that I enjoyed it but I got to be with my mom who I love very much but I still did that and that helped pay the bills.

And sometimes, we have to do things that we may not want to do to get to where we want to be. But don’t think that there’s luck. Luck, no matter what it is, even if you win the lottery, you had to buy the ticket. So if you didn’t even buy a lottery ticket, you can’t win, you can’t get lucky. You have to take action, you have to do things. So in 2014 guys, I just want to encourage each and every single one of you to take action. And don’t just take action, but work hard. Awesome things will happen. You don’t know what thing that you do is gonna lead to something incredible. Bust your butt in 2014 because I can tell you right now, I’ve talked a lot about mindset and I’ve talked a lot about these different things. You gotta believe and change your mind, change your story. All that is so true. But in 2014, get off your butt and do the things that you’ve been thinking about. Do the things you’ve been dreaming about. And they may not happen overnight. The ultimate goal may not happen overnight but get up and start working towards it. And if you do that, and you take those baby steps every single day, I promise you, awesome things will happen. And guys, these videos, even for me, are an encouragement, are in reminder of doing just that. Because we all can get stuck. We can all have this self talk that we’re not good enough. We don’t know what to do. We don’t know who we should be. Where do I wanna work? What do I wanna do? What do I wanna create? And it doesn’t matter what it is but you just have to start doing something, something.

So guys, in 2014, do that something. Take that action. Create your own luck. Create your world the way you want it and don’t let anybody else control you. Be you. Be the best version of you. My good friends from “The Buried Life” had somebody that once said, “What do you wanna be? And this girl said, “I wanna be like Picasso.” They said, “What’s your name?” We’ll call her Sally. And he said, “Sally, I want you to rephrase that and say ‘I wanna be Sally.’” Because the reality is, you gotta be you. Make people want someday to be you. Have somebody say, “I wanna be Sally.” ‘Coz that is incredible. That is outstanding. And all of you out there watching these videos are outstanding and you have it inside of you to do great things. I believe in each and every single one of you and I’m pumped for the New Year. Super, super pumped. It’s gonna be an awesome, awesome year.

I’m excited for each and every one of you and please, tell me what’s that something you’re gonna start in 2014. What is that thing that you’ve been putting off and that you’re gonna start to work towards? And that you’re gonna find the resources, find the mentors, find the coaches, find the information online to help you get to where you wanna get. And I love if you guys reach out. I’m gonna be doing some different coaching and consulting this year. Reach out to me and I will do my best to figure out something that we can potentially work together or I will send you to the right place to the person who can help you. But leave that in the comments. Let me know what you’re gonna start and how I can help. Thank you guys so much. Here’s to an awesome 2014. Rock and roll guys. See you later.

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